Samsunspor Fan Gospel Tram Today Free

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz announced the good news in his post on his social media account. In his announcement titled “Come on Samsun Match”, Mayor Yılmaz is again free to our Rail System Supporter with Passolig Card between 14: 30- 19:00 tomorrow. I wish success to our Samsunsports against Elazığspor ”.

Samsunspor fans, who will go to Samsunspor - Elazığspor match today, will benefit from the tram free of charge. Samsunspor-Elazığspor match, which will start on Tuesday, March 06 at 16.00:19, will be able to go to the New XNUMX May Stadium by getting on the trams for free.

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