Death Crossroads in Salihli History

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality 'Salihli Bridge Interchange Project' which is going to be constructed instead of the junction which is called as 'death way', which is under construction in Salihli, continues in full speed while Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction and Repair Department Head Fevzi Demir examined the works on site.

While the construction works of the Salihli Interchange Junction Project, which is named as the Daire way of death ı, which is one of the intersection projects carried out by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, continues at full speed, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction and Repair Department Head Fevzi Demir examines the works on site and informs the contractor firm took. It was stated that the connection beams of the modern intersection as well as the connection beams were completed and the smoothly ongoing project continued at full speed.

”Studies are continuing as planned“
Izmir-Ankara-Istanbul and Denizli-Antalya connection and about 27 thousand vehicles per day used by the transition to the construction of the intersection project on the construction of the E 96 intersection project on the spot Fevzi Demir, E Turgutlu junction, State Garden (Teacher's House) Junction, Alaşehir Junction these are Manisa Metropolitan Municipality These were the projects that started with the instructions of Cengiz Ergün, the President. After the completion of the project stages of the completion of the work of our tenders. Devlet Bahçeli Junction was completed and opened to the service of citizens. The work at Turgutlu Junction continues, I guess we will be in service soon. We are examining the Salihli junction project. There is a happiness given by Cengiz Ergün to fulfill his promises. It was an intersection where mortal accidents took place. This place is located on the Izmir-Ankara road and Salihli'yi was a way to divide the middle. According to the plans, the work is going well. Contractor firm and control engineer friends are in charge. We estimate that it will be finished in time as planned. Little mishaps, displacements. MASKI General Directorate intervenes immediately by doing work. Collaborating in cooperation. Today we are doing a review to see the latest status. In accordance with the work program, the control continues in accordance with the work program under the control of our organization. I hope that the planned time will be completed and put into service, İn he said.

Program To be completed within the planned program “
Emphasizing that there will be a significant relief in Salihli traffic after the completion of the intersection, Head of Department Demir said, “As the people living in Manisa, when the Devlet Bahçeli Junction was completed, it was as if the number of cars in Manisa suddenly decreased. After him, Cider Junction is over. That place became a boulevard with the instructions of President Cengiz Ergün. Arrangements have been made. People now significantly value time. This is an important time for the citizens and people of Salih who use this road, and those who will use the Ankara direction. kazanwill stop. It has absolutely no monetary value. Hopefully, fatal accidents will be prevented here. This will show how important this is. I hope our citizens will use it without any accident. It's going pretty well. We are happy, we are close to the happy ending, I hope it will be completed within the planned schedule," he said.

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