Reysaş Logistics Aims 15 Growth Percentage

In addition to the ongoing warehouse investments; 15 plans to invest in railway wagons / containers, 500 units TIR and 100 pieces commercial vehicles.

Providing services in domestic and international transportation, railway transportation, hotel management, vehicle inspection station operation and storage services, Reysaş Logistics has completed the 2017 year with a turnover increase of 20.

Reysaş's growth target for 2018 is 15 percent.

The Company's activities include; 600 TIR, 7 railway station, one thousand wagon, one thousand train containers, 38 warehouse, 1 million 200 thousand square meters closed storage area, 17 TUV Turkish Inspection station operation, GES facilities, industrial feed plant areas, fattening production farm and 2 units Hilton Hotel continues with.

Reysaş, which also produces electricity with solar panels on its warehouse roofs, aims to increase its electricity production capacity in parallel with the ongoing new warehouse investments.

In this context, the company continues the construction of warehouses that will have 60 thousand square meters of closed area in Çayırova, 100 thousand in Orhanlı, 25 thousand in Adana and 8 thousand square meters in Ankara Gölbaşı.

On the other hand, Reysaş, in 2018; 500 is aiming to make train wagons / containers, 100 pieces TIR and 150 pieces commercial vehicles.

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