TAK System Established in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Crossings

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that they established the TAK system in order to control the vehicles passing from the continent to the continent together with the security forces. Arslan stated that they had installed the TAK system in Anatolia. important. Therefore, we have established it to determine the transit of all vehicles, to inform our security forces and to immediately intervene in the vehicle and plate that could be in the hands of the intelligence based on intelligence. Dolayısıyla

Minister Arslan also clarified the allegations regarding the transition to a double-sided payment system for bridge crossings. Minister Arslan, ecek The current practice will continue, there is no problem. We installed the TAK system for security purposes. We report all the vehicles to our security units. This is very important for the survival of our country and the salvation of our people. They don't hesitate; 'They're going to pay the other side, they're going to charge me twice as much.' In the OGS and HGS accounts, we never have problems if people have linked these accounts to the credit card. Our request from our people; associate both OGS and HGS accounts with their credit card accounts. Both banks and PTT do not charge any fees. Citizens do not become victims if they make this association Vat.

Minister Arslan, 10 floor applied to the transition punishments applied in terms of the deterrent, said: 'Public 10 floor win money' here is the intention of such a process to get into this process again, but a criminal system put in this logic, our well-intentioned people are victimized. This is to eliminate the grievance, we are calling on the ground; this process, OGS and HGS accounts associated with credit card accounts, ın he said.



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