Continue Parking on Tram

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality makes the area where the former governor's office is located. When the implementation works are completed, a modern project will be provided to the region. The project will be organized in the form of six underground car parks. In front of the tram line, the project will allow citizens to park their vehicles by tram.


The work of the project continues rapidly. C block deck molds and iron manufacturing continues. One-sided curtain manufacturing is being carried out in the project. B and D block raft foundation continues to manufacture. Part of the project is completed.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out the project to create a spacious space in the city and also to solve the parking problem of the region. The project, which will allow the city to breathe, is implemented as a sub-underground car park. Granite and basalt in the square using natural stones will be covered. The square will be made attractive by illuminating with lighting and dry ornamental pools.


The car park built in the old governor's office will also save on parking. The car park with semi-automatic system will have the capacity of the 357 vehicle. The 6 bin 600 will also provide space for disabled and electric cars in the parking lot. Exits from the parking garage will be provided with elevators.


Underground parking will be provided for the first time in Kocaeli. Semi-automatic car park mechanism will be located in the parking garage of the citizens, after leaving the car to the point where the vehicles will be automatically taken to the empty place. Thus, citizens will be able to park their vehicles effortlessly. Located in front of the parking lot, the tram stop will allow citizens to park their vehicles to other points in the city.



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