First Statement by IETT to the Action of Private Public Buses

Yesterday evening, the owners of the Istanbul Private Public Bus met in front of the July 15 Martyrs Authority, stating that the fees they receive from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality do not cover their costs. Erguvan Bus Operators announced that they made a loss of 15 thousand TL per bus every month and that they will close their contacts as of Friday. Upon this news, the first statement came from IETT. In the statement, he stated that in accordance with the contract made with the business owners, they do not have the right to close contacts and that the necessary measures have been taken to prevent the citizen from being victims. It was also stated that an investigation will be launched against business owners. Here is that explanation ...

Turkey Public Transport Employers 'Association and the Private Public and Municipal Bus Employers' Association member of a group of private buses operators, Istanbul Metropolitan said that to meet the cost of the fees they receive from the Municipality of 15 made a press statement on July Martyrs Bridge exit. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the cost of carrying a monthly 28 thousand pounds, but the cost of 55 thousand pounds, indicating that operators will close contact on Friday. The first explanation came from IETT. İETT press consultancy said that the owners of the business will be investigated.

The statement said that such an act against the law and the citizen will not be a victim of the additional route to the line route will be arranged said. Here is the IETT statement;


“Istanbul Bus Inc. Some private bus operators working within the company made a press statement that they will close their contacts on Friday by making an action at the Martyrs Bridge on 07.03.2018 July at 22.30 on 15. As it is known, these transporters were entitled to provide transportation services for 2 and 10 years as a result of 15 separate tenders organized by the Administration. Transporters are obliged to fulfill their transportation activities in accordance with the provisions of the contract and legislation.


The explanations made by the carriers in question do not reflect the reality and the action planned to be carried out is to eylem stop the transportation by disrupting the transportation by demonstrating collectively with the bus, shake the public order and authority, etc. take action ”. In addition, as IETT, necessary measures have been taken in order to prevent disruption of public transportation service and additional flights have been planned in required lines. In case of action, Istanbul residents will not have problems in public transportation. Eylem

It is announced to the public with respect.

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