Pay As You Go System in ESHOT Buses

Mayor Kocaoglu, İZBAN'da 'pay as you go' system they started in Izmir, outside the metropolitan area 19 municipal buses operating in the district announced that they will apply.

While the reactions to the "pay as you go" system, which was started on February 15 in İZBAN, continued, a new statement came from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. Mayor Kocaoğlu, who met with women journalists the previous day, announced that they will also implement the 'pay as you go' system, which is being implemented in İZBAN and created a great debate in the public opinion, in the city buses operating in 19 districts outside the old metropolitan area of ​​İzmir. Stating that 90 minutes of free transportation is valid in the old metropolis, the "pay as you go" system is applied all over the world. “It was the most just system. If there is a lack of validators, they will also be fixed. We will also apply this system in ESHOT buses that we bring from 19 districts to the city. We will also include cooperatives and unions engaged in public transportation in this system. In the system we will implement, everyone will pay as they go. "We are working on a system where ESHOT collects the money, which will be managed by ESHOT from the age of the vehicle to the equipment, from the driver's clothes to the training. While Kocaoğlu's statements fell like a bomb on the city's agenda, it was a matter of curiosity when the new regulation would be implemented.

According to the tariff that entered into force on January 1, 2018, full ticket fees ranging from 5 lira 70 kuruş to 5 lira 72 kuruş in the outer districts connected to the metropolis later, in case the limit distance to be determined by ESHOT (25 kilometers in İZBAN) is exceeded, a certain amount of fee from the citizen for each extra kilometer traveled. will be taken. This will also mean a second increase in transportation fees. Especially, the transportation costs of the citizens living in the outer districts that are newly connected to the metropole and who have to go to Izmir or outside the town every day will increase with the new regulation. This will mean a burden on the family economy.

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