Completing the new Karaköy Pier

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality brought the floating platform of Karaköy pier, which will serve millions of passengers in sea transportation, to Haliç Shipyard to make its interior equipment.

Kadıköy and Karaköy Pier, where Üsküdar expeditions took place, lay on its side in November 2008 due to the violent lodos. While the floating pier, which has been serving for 25 years, became unavailable in the lodosta, a temporary floating pontoon was placed in place to provide sea transportation.

The floating pier, which was reconstructed instead of the sinking pier, was completed in Tuzla and brought to the Haliç shipyard at midnight. After the fine productions of the pier are completed in the Haliç shipyard, it will be put into service. The new pier will have a cafeteria, library, and large lounges.

The new Karaköy pier will be used by people to exchange books, read books and architectural masterpieces, the historical peninsula and the Bosphorus sea. The 80 m360 enclosed space and 151 m2 covered terrace will be available for the book cafe.

In the layout plan, it was planned to extend vertically towards the sea using the form of the old pier. Thus, the effect of the scaffold structure on the sea from the sea silhouette is kept to a minimum.
New scaffolding dimensions: 81.00 m. x 27.60 m.
Dimensions of the new pier building: 69.00mt x 15.60mt
Indoor area: 54.00mt x 15.60mt
The new scaffolding building is made of total 1610 sheet and profile and consists of a total of 3 floors.

Basement floor under water; Maximum safety is ensured in case of injury of the vessel with the help of total 22 tank made with waterproof curtains. In case of risk, there is ballast water piping and hydraulic remote control valve system which can flip out ballast water. There is an alarm system showing the water level in the tanks. There is an 2 generator available when power failure occurs.

The book at the end of the pier will have the opportunity to exhibit temporarily at the art bridge that reaches the cafe. Visual pollution was prevented by evaluating all the technical areas in the building within the architectural design. Since it is a marine structure, the facade materials used on the exterior were chosen from composite and lightweight construction components.

The new Karaköy pier is designed from the front, from the front, at the same time that the 3 ship will unload and unload passengers. The biggest ship of the city lines is MF Emin Kul L length 78 meters. Old and new type of ships will be able to use the pier. 10 was made safe to connect to different types of ships at the same time. The new pier is planned to be transported to Karaköy and inaugurated in April.



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