Priority in the Metro Arnavutköy and Sultanbeyli

President Uysal, who introduced the application of Vehicle Tracking System (ATS) attached to earth moving trucks at the headquarters of Istanbul Environmental Management Industry and Trade Corporation (İSTAÇ) in Piyalepaşa, also answered journalists' questions about metro works and the agenda.

-We are in need of
Upon the question of journalists about the speech he made at the AK Party district congress at the weekend, President Uysal said, “Actually, what we are saying is clear and clear. The two districts are currently the priority for the subway. In one of them, subway construction has started and will continue to be tender. Secondly, we will start the tender within this year. Therefore, we should look at it like this. When the subways under construction are laid out on the map, it will be seen how true and correct what I said. If we are going to build a metro in Istanbul, what should be our priority? There must be places where there are problems in metro transportation. There is also an issue we are talking about in two districts. One of them is Arnavutköy and the other is Sultanbeyli. When we look at the places where CHP members are currently working, if the districts with CHP are currently under construction, our promise should not be perceived as 'we will not take the subway to those who do not vote, we will not do it'… ”.

My Hearts Towards Different Points -
Noting that his words at the congress were drawn in different directions and got tired of different meanings, President Uysal continued as follows: “In the past, we will accelerate because we think that it should be done there before and it is delayed now. Of course we have something additional. We said 'our first priority in Istanbul is the metro'. Currently, we set a target of 2023 kilometers of metro in Istanbul in 1000. We said 'the solution of Istanbul traffic is the metro'. Therefore, how will we solve the traffic by building subways only in Istanbul where AK Party members vote. "

Underlining that his misunderstandings would disappear when his entire speech was listened to, but the press published his words incompletely, President Uysal said, “Actually, if the press had received our entire speech, they would understand very well that we mean two districts. They would understand what we mean. As you already know, it has been 5 months since I came to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In the past, we have been a district mayor for 9 years. Our practice there is also obvious. On the contrary, we provided more services to places where we received less votes, so that our vote would be increased there. If we have a goal to increase our vote in Istanbul, we need to do whatever we have in places that do not give us a vote, as well as in places that do not vote, so that we can increase our vote. This is our goal. Therefore, it is so clear what our goal is and what we have said ”.



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