Light Rail System Project Information Meeting was Held in Mersin

The coordination and information meeting of the basın Gar-Mezitli Rail System Project Büyük which will be realized within the scope of Transportation Master Plan was realized with the participation of the Mayor of Mersin Burhanettin Kocamaz and the press members.

Representatives from Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects and district municipalities attended the meeting held at Mersin City Council. During the meeting, the ideas and suggestions of the stakeholder institutions were shared and the questions of the press members were answered.

In the meeting, the design director of Prota Engineering Project Consultancy Service Inc. and the project architect of the light rail system, Yildiray Yildizhan gave information about the project. General Manager Danyal Kubin promised to finish the final project as soon as possible.

”The contractor company started the project work“

Speaking at the information and coordination meeting, Mersin Mayor Kocamaz stated that the light rail system would be a first for Mersin, and that they were working for the Master Plan of Transport 1 / 100.000 in parallel.

N As you know, 9 signed a contract for the final project in March and the contractor company started to work on the project. After the preliminary stage, we wanted to inform and inform the stakeholders of Mersin about the project. I hope that this project will be auspicious and beneficial for our Mersin and for the next generations. This project will bring convenience to all of us in the city, Bu he said.

Üz We are considering driverless system “

Başvur These projects are very important not only for Mersin but for every place. We will both go to the construction tender to find the best and in the most transparent way. The number of those who aspire to work will be much, but will be given to a person as a result of the tender. Technology needs to be evaluated in the best way. In our project, we think of the driverless system in which trains automatically commute. We will do our best to butylamine in the normal process, but this is Turkey, the country of extraordinary. After the project is completed, we will submit it to the Ministry for approval Proje.

Basın The planned route is the planned route for the first stage, basın said President Kocamaz, answering the questions of the participants and the press members about the rail routes. Of course, a line should be taken towards Mersin University in the future. Friends are already planning their departure. Maybe we don't, but we can see next generations. It is possible to extend it to Tarsus, Erdemli. These studies will take many long years. Metro work is actually human-like organism. You do one side, but you need to extend it in another direction. Bir

De The one who started this subway will be the one who finishes it “

He also said that Ataturk Caddesi will not be opened to vehicle traffic and Silifke Street is planned to be open only to pedestrian traffic. Expressing that there will be only one direction of the Istiklal Street when the rail system is activated, President Kocamaz said, tek The people of Mersin should be prepared for this situation. We cannot regulate Mersin traffic in any other way. They need to get accustomed. This is how the system works in the world and Mersin has to integrate itself into the world. Some politicians say that the promises made by the journalists about the subway are not fulfilled, but these works are not the paint cube. We have taken over a municipality that is not a Master Plan of Transportation. We spent three and a half years trying to complete this plan. After the projects are completed, we will reach the tender stage and hopefully we will finish this in the middle of the coming period. We are different. If we make a promise, we'il be right back. This will begin the subway, will be able to help us finish this metro. Bu

Environmental Engineer Zehra Korkmaz, in his speech where he mentioned the importance of public transportation for the environment, stated that the rail system project is very important for preventing the environment and air pollution. Mr. Korkmaz, who thanked the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for implementing the project, stated that they would contribute to the project throughout the process.

Danyal Kubin, en will be the world's fastest completed subway D

Prota Engineering Project Consulting Services Inc., which stated that it is very special for them to make rail system to Mersin. General Manager Danyal Kubin said, ac I have said before that we will do our own house and we will do the best. Above all, we will give very little discomfort to the people of Mersin during the construction. Turkey will be the most beautiful subway. We guarantee this. We will achieve this with minimum cost. In 2018 we will be bidding for construction. The projected time for the project is 7 month but we are trying to finish it in 5 months. We know very well how to finish a metro line at the most affordable cost. Our whole problem is to take the subway into service in the middle of next period. We will achieve this and will be the world's fastest completed subway. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality for seeing us worthy of this work. Büyük

In his presentation on the light rail system, the design director of Prota Engineering Project Consulting Service Inc. and the project architect of the light rail system Yildiray Yildizhan; subway systems and construction methods, evaluation of route alternatives, proposals for the progress of construction works, alternatives to the station were evaluated and ministerial processes and approvals were discussed. Tunnels, stations, control center, warehouse, geotechnical and structural systems, mechanical, fire and electrical systems, control, communication, signaling and operation, simulations, suggestion extension lines were shared with the participants.

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