CHP's Minister Brings Izmir's 14 Projects Awaiting Approval to the Agenda

Acting for the projects attached to the ministries of Izmir CHP Izmir deputy Murat Minister, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Ministry of Ministries and relevant general directorates awaiting approval of the 14 project 14 questions brought the agenda of the Parliament.

The Minister called on Izmir to continue projects that include services and investments aimed at improving the quality of life of the people of İzmir by opening the way for 'blocked' projects.

In his speech, he asked the questions of the Metropolitan Municipality about the concrete and legal reasons and asked the answers of the questions about ehir When to respond to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Ver and ine At what stage of projects ve.

Murat Minister with CHP; Minister of Finance, Naci Ağbal, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan addressed the following questions to Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım:

  • When will the information about the route and stations of the HRS Project of the 4.5 kilometer between Halkapınar and Otogar be shared? When will this line be implemented?
  • Do you have any work on planning Inciralti with health concept? What is the stage of the studies on this subject? Karşıyaka and when will the necessary plan changes for the revision works of Bostanlı piers be approved and when will the works start?
  • Which concrete and legal reasons does the allocation of the land registered to 163 island and 4 in the Treasury of the Treasury in Foça to the Greater Municipality of Izmir? When will the allocation of this land from Defterdarlık to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality?
  • The transfer of the 11288 island 1 and 2 parcels registered to the Treasury to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on the basis of the değer price 'in consideration of the actual value, has not been realized since the date of 18.11.2014 on concrete and legal grounds? When will the transfer take place?
  • On the basis of concrete and legal reasons, the transfer of 60 parcels registered in the name of the Treasury to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has not been realized since the date of 10.04.2013. When will the transfer take place?
  • For the three projects of İZSU General Directorate of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, what kind of concrete and legal reasons are not responded to by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality by the Municipality of İller Bank on the 7 and 10 year term loan application? When is Iller Bank going to respond to the loan application demanded by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for these projects?
  • Expropriation decision has been issued, the Izmir XIII 2601 island 2 in South / South of the transaction has been processed for the parcel of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality TCDD waiting for the concrete and legal reasons is not given? When will the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality be responded to?
  • What is the process for the allocation of these parcels in Menderes, Karaburun and Bornova to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality? When will the General Directorate of National Property approve the allocation of relevant areas?

  • In the protocol made with TCDD, does your Ministry carry out a study to correct the esi IZBAN, 3 5 million dollars + 5 million Euros annually for TCDD year UM statement and the victimization of IZBAN at this point? What kind of a solution is considered for the eli line usage and maintenance price bir accrual of past years which has been approved by the court decision?

  • Will the infrastructure and signaling system for İZBAN be renewed? - When is the allocation of Bostanlı Fisherman's Shelter to be used as connecting bed for new passenger ships? What is the level of work on the subject?

  • When will the approval of the plan proposal for the Mavişehir-Alaybey and Alaybey-Alsancak Port coastal areas come? When will the construction of Mavişehir Ferry Port begin?

  • Cooperatives and unions providing public transportation services are exempted from the work completion certificate by being included in the 'exception', and the right to enter the tender. kazanDo you plan to make an arrangement regarding the transportation services and their integration into the Public Transportation System?


Inciralti Planning
Halkapınar-Bus Station HRS Line
Shelter for Passenger Ships (Bostanli Fisherman's Shelter)
Mansion-Karşıyaka-Bostan Scaffolding Revisions
İZBAN Hat Rent
Increasing Expedition in İZBAN
Mavişehir-Alaybey and Alaybey-Alsancak Harbor Coastal Plan Revision
Gaziemir Urban Transformation
Uzundere Urban Transformation
Parcels of Municipal Service Areas in Menderes-Karaburun-Bornova Regions
'Parallel Regional Parking Area and Transfer Center' Area Plots whose ownership is in TCDD
Municipal Service Area Parcels in Foça
Credit Application to Iller Bank for Dikili, Cesme and Menderes-Gaziemir Drinking Water Projects of İZSU General Directorate
Integration of Minibuses to Transportation System

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