Ketem Station to draw attention to cancer

The name of a metro station was changed to “KETEM Station” for a week in order to draw attention to the importance of early diagnosis in cancer with the cooperation of Bursa Provincial Health Directorate and Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management (BURULAŞ).

Within the scope of the project aiming the active use of the Cancer Early Screening Diagnosis Center (KETEM) by citizens and the importance of early diagnosis in cancer, a banner with the words "KETEM Station" was hung by the Provincial Health Directorate teams at the Pasha Farm Station, which is used by many citizens every day.

Balloons and ribbons adorned with the importance of early detection of cancer by health officials to the citizens who came to the station brochures were distributed.

Provincial Health Director Özcan Akan, in his statement, especially important in a world both in Turkey said that the colon cancer public health problem.

Stating that citizens should be aware of cancer, Akan said:

“As Bursa, we are in an important strategic move in the fight against cancer. Studies have shown that it is possible to prevent one third of cancers with awareness and awareness studies. We want to do cancer screening through the healthy life centers in the city for awareness and early diagnosis. Our aim is to raise awareness of the citizens about cancer, to carry out awareness studies and to make screenings. We wanted to raise awareness of citizens at a station that our citizens use extensively. The station will serve like this for a week. Brochures will be distributed inside the subway and at stations. "

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