Karşıyaka Another Life Was Taking The Tram

from Mavisehir Karşıyaka The tram to the pier was hit by retired teacher Nurcan Altay yesterday. The 61-year-old woman, barely removed from under the tram, was taken to hospital.

After the 66-year-old woman named Afet Soyer, who died in Mavişehir last December, she died under tram, and 61-year-old retired teacher Nurcan Altay became a victim of tram yesterday. Altay, who left the house for a walk in the morning, from Mavişehir in Bostanlı Karşıyaka As a result of the impact of the tram going to the pier, it was under it. Upon the notice of the citizens, ambulance and AKS110 teams were dispatched to the scene. Altay, who was barely removed from under the tram, was taken to Çiğli Regional State Hospital by ambulance. It was learned that the 61-year-old Nurcan Altay, who did not find any broken dislocations anywhere on his body, hit his head on the ground during the crash. While it was stated that the health status of the retired teacher who was learned that he had lost temporary memory loss due to the impact of the crash and did not remember the moment of the accident, Altay's relatives flocked to the hospital.

The tram driver, who was taken under observation after the incident, was taken to Bostanlı Police Station for his statement. The reaction of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality that the 66-year-old Afet Soyer, who died in December last year, did not take any measures on the tram route in terms of post-crash pedestrian safety. Citizens who criticized Metropolitan via social media asked for measures to be taken immediately before any other casualties were experienced.

Source: ERTAN GÜRCANER / ERAY ARPAŞİN - www.sabah.com.t is



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