Lift on the Railroad Overpass in İzmit

For the transportation of pedestrians in İzmit Yolkent neighborhood, the overpass elevator was installed over the railway line.

For the transportation of the pedestrians, a new overpass was constructed on the railway line in İzmit Yol Mahallesi. However, the pedestrians had to climb the full 85 ladder to climb the bridge. He got stuck in the elevators of the upper gate. State Railways are about to finish maintenance repairs and the elevators of the bridge are expected to operate from next week.

On the back side of the Peasant Market in Cumhuriyet District of Cumhuriyet District, which was built by State Railways 2 years ago, the overpass will finally be ready by the end of this month. The 1 was a neglected pedestrian overpass for years, so citizens were complaining. Because it was difficult to get out of the steep stairs.

State Railways re-commissioned the bridge. Elevators fitted. 31 will deliver to the Metropolitan Municipality on March. With the cleaning of the elevators is expected to be used from next week. After that, the duty of keeping the elevators continuously working will be in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

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