Young People from Izmir Explained Izmir's Electric Buses to 35 Countries

Izmir Private Turkish College students attended the “Young of the International Circle” with students from 35 countries. Sözcü. Izmir's electric buses ”for the l program..

Izmir Private Turkish College students, the "Youth of the International Environment" was organized in order to make young people understand environmental problems and issues and raise their awareness. Sözcü. ile program was attended by electric buses with the environmental investment of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Among the schools participating across Turkey will be evaluated by a national jury article, enters the degree, will be eligible to participate in the contest 35 750 thousand students from countries takes place.

In the article prepared by İzmir Private Turkish College Bahattin Tatış Campus Science High School students Tuna Kısaağa and Bengisu Aksoy, it is stated that the environmentalist investments made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in transportation are very important and the role played by the electric buses in the fight against air pollution is explained.
Tuna Kısaağa and Bengisu Aksoy said that the vehicles spending only 21 kurus per kilometer also contributed significantly to the economy. “We prepared our article based on this. We hope that environmentalist transportation investments will increase and set an example for other provinces ”. The article also included the purpose of the project, its implementation process and its results.

The order of young people
"The Younger of the Environment Sözcü“Advanced” program is an international program that directs young people to understand environmental problems and issues and provides environmental education in order to raise awareness. For this purpose, a network of schools has been created with the participation of schools from 35 countries and news about the environment. Environmental journalism method, which attracts the attention of young people, was adopted as a training tool. Students are encouraged to research and analyze environmental problems and issues in their school area, and produce news articles, photographs and short videos. The program also aims to provide an environment where young people can make their voices heard, and to raise a public opinion in order to ensure that environmental problems are corrected by the authorities.

International name "Young Reporters for the Environment," YRA "and that Turkey" Environmental Youth SözcüThe program named as “sleri” (ÇGS) was first implemented in France in 1991 and moved to the international level in 1994. Turkey joined in 1995, this program is. Since 1997, 35 thousand students between the ages of 11 and 21 in 750 countries; by doing environmental journalism, he researched and examined environmental problems and issues, and published his findings and solution suggestions by reporting news articles, photographs and videos.

Charging with solar energy
İzmir's electric buses, which are produced according to the geographical and climatic conditions of the city, after long-term studies and researches, are 250 km per day. It can travel and does not use any energy source other than electricity. The General Directorate of ESHOT also meets the energy required for electric buses from the solar power plant built on the workshops in Gediz. Electric buses, which reduce their carbon emission to zero, save more than 80 percent compared to diesel buses, and offer a quiet and comfortable journey. The new vehicles, which completely eliminate the air pollution created by the exhaust gas, spend only 21 cents per kilometer. Buses, which started to be used on March 29, 2017, have prevented the amount of 453 thousand liters of fuel and 300 tons of carbon emission so far. The number of trees required to filter all this emission in one day is 31 thousand.



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