A Rain of Praise to Izmir from the World Bank

Advocating a healthy urbanization model against environmental problems, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's innovations in transportation were praised by the World Bank delegation. Defining Izmir as a “pioneering-leading city”, the delegation members said, “Unlike other municipalities, you are more open to innovation. "You have a structure that emphasizes international standards, science and technique."

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which was selected by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications for the preparation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, welcomed the delegation from the World Bank. World Bank officials praised Izmir's steps towards becoming a sustainable city.

World Bank Senior Transport Specialist Wei Winnie Wang, World Bank Senior Transport Specialist Murad Gürmeriç, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Managers (MIT), Nigel HM Wilson and the European Union Delegation to Turkey, Transportation, Climate Change Team Coordinator Göktuğ guest delegation consisting of Land, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan received a comprehensive briefing in Izmir, where they came to see the transportation innovations in line with the project, to support the development of the vision in the field of mobility and to evaluate the financial impact of investment plans.

Public transport instead of vehicle addiction
Speaking at the meeting held in Çetin Emeç Meeting Hall, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe underlined that while preparing the İzmir Transportation Master Plan, which targets the year 2030, they act in accordance with the basic universal transportation unit principles. Gökçe said, “We tried to create an order in order to protect the sustainability and the environment we inherited. We also met with the World Bank delegation at the panel last summer. “We have a lot to learn from each other in terms of sustainable mobility”. Gökçe continued as follows:
"Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in contrast to the wrong policies implemented in the field of transportation in Turkey for a long time, the world is on its way to a preference trying to do what is right. By developing the Transportation Master Plan, we are trying to create a sustainable transportation model by implementing a basic plan that focuses on public transportation, restricts individual transportation and improves pedestrian and bicycle transportation in our city instead of vehicle and individual dependent transportation option. "

Izmir is already ready
Speaking at the meeting, World Bank Senior Transport Specialist Wei Winnie Wang said that supportive vehicles are needed to prepare the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, as in all other cities around the world. Noting that the most important of these is the support of the municipal top management to the project as in İzmir, Wang said, “We have seen that İzmir is already ready and suitable for sustainable transportation plan studies. During our technical trip, we had the opportunity to observe that the integration and transfer system in transportation is very developed in İzmir. The purpose of being here is to see your work on transportation and to find out what issues we can support you from now on. I am very sure that we will walk hand in hand towards this goal. I am proud to work together with such a team and in a city like this ”.

Science and technique
The World Bank's expert team and Izmir voicing Metropolitan Municipality with great pleasure to be working the European Union Delegation to Turkey, Transportation, Climate Change Team Coordinator Göktuğ land, "Izmir, pioneer-leading cities as far as we observed. It has a structure that is open to innovations, has a tendency to cooperate as a way of thinking, brings international standards and science to the forefront. We also enjoy this situation as European Union employees durum.

Different from other municipalities; open to innovation
Nigel HM Wilson, Massachusetts Technology Manager, said that they are working to see how to get automatic fare collection and vehicle positioning in cities and to see how transportation is done. Konum We are working on issues such as innovative trends in transportation and vehicle sharing systems. The integration project that the Municipality is working on in İzmir is an important step on how the bus service and the private sector can work together and how they can be organized. Izmir is more open to innovation than other municipalities. I also see that you are ready to work in order to make the transport system in good condition even more effective. Ayrıca

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