Izmir Metropolitan Council Meeting İZBAN Debate

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in March, the usual assembly meeting of rail transit system that provides public transport service to victims of the citizens of the AK Party Group Bilal Dogan, indicating that the application of the AK Party Bilal Dogan, 'AK Party group, I suggest the introduction of the fee collection system applied on highways instead of İZBAN'daki' said

According to the news of Ali Budak from Haberekspres, the ordinary council meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for March was held under the administration of Deputy Mayor Sırrı Aydoğan. Moderator of the session, Aydoğan made his first speech on March 8, International Working Women's Day. Aydoğan said, “Wherever you go in the world, women are more productive. No woman of any geography can be compared with a Turkish woman. The Turkish woman proved this. He has taken care of his family's structure in all difficult conditions. Recently, there are some negativities, but Turkish people are respectful to women. His head is bowed in front of the woman. One should not stand out with negative examples. We are grateful to the women. Turkish people give the necessary value to women. Some individual events are not from us, 'he said.

Plus money instead of highway proposal

Providing public transportation services by rail system, IZBAN'daki plus the application of money stressed that the citizens of the AKP Group Deputy Chairman Bilal Dogan, the AK Party group, saying that they brought the proposal, 'Instead of applying the collection system applied on highways. 15 IZBAN in February 'Plus Money' application that has been implemented in the city has led to the grievance of many citizens. There are problems on the basis of the implementation of the system, where our people object with thousands of signatures and cancellation cases. I would like to share our views to provide better service. Instead, we recommend switching to the toll collection system applied at toll booths. This system in İzmir, which is used by more than 1 million people in İzmir every day, has caused problems. This clearly means that he cannot ride without money. This is unfortunately contrary to the quality of public services. We want to remind you that there is nothing that Kocaoğlu does not want. Come and give up this wrong application. Despite the people's opposition to the forced imposed system instead of a more applicable application let's spend life 'he said.

Citizen's card will not have to have at least 10 pounds

Aydogan said 'Let's go to an IZBAN station and live this chaos live together' if you wish, '' Dogan said. Just like on the highways, we propose a system-like system introduced by the state. While entering our citizens entering the İZBAN again, the validators will read the card, no fee will not be cut in the first school. The card will be displayed on the validator at the first time, indicating that the person is full, student or 65 pensioner, and the money will not be charged. When our citizens re-read the card at the toll booths will pay the distance traveled. In other words, the fare will be deducted from the card for the passengers who will have their card read at the electronic toll booths. Thus, the obligation to install 10 pounds on electronic access cards will be eliminated. In addition, as of the moment of the remaining balance on the card, our citizens will have made the journey without a victim. So even if he doesn't have an emergency balance on his card, he'il have made his journey. In this way, the system will give an advance to Izmir residents without card balance. With the advance payment to the citizen, the credit card will be deducted from the filling devices by taking advantage of the card information in the system during the first filling of the card. With minor technical changes to the system, the negative balance can be brought and the 90 minute application can be continued. Our fellow citizens from Izmir deserve this attention. Our fellow countrymen are also loyal to their debts. At the initial filling, these missing fees can be compensated. May the municipality persist in implementing this system.

Did the TCDD appeal?

Doğan, then Republican People's Party (CHP) Group Vice President Bülent Çetinkaya took the floor. Çetinkaya, “There is something I do not understand. İZBAN company I know of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the State Railways of the Republic of Turkey otaklıg. The general manager is the person appointed by the state railways. Did the State Railways part of this board of directors object to this or not? Did he ask for a raise by saying that we are harming or not? We know that this application is made in Istanbul 'he expressed his reaction.

'İZBAN will respond to these criticisms'

Responding to Dogan's criticism, Sirri Aydogan, Vice President, said, “IZBAN is a public organization, regardless of its partner. Your suggestions are evaluated by the board of directors of İZBAN. I think they will soon emerge in the most appropriate way and will make a statement 'he said.

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