İGA Brings Children Together with Art at Istanbul Modern

IGA introduced the art to the 70 children living in Istanbul New Airport project area. Production of children between the ages of 8-13 and dance, sculpture, music and graffiti artists will be exhibited when the airport is opened.

IGA undertook the construction of the largest airport in the world under the single roof and built the 25 yearbook and brought the children living in the vicinity of the project area with art at Istanbul Modern. Within the framework of the Social Investment Program carried out in 9 village adjacent to the airport project site, IGA has established art workshops in Istanbul Modern for children and young people between the ages of 8-13 in Arnavutköy and Eyüp.

Many of the children who went to the museum for the first time in their lives had the opportunity to develop their imagination by coming together with artists in workshops such as dance and movement, sculpture, music and graffiti. Yusuf Akçayoğlu, the CEO of İGA Airports Construction, said that they want to be remembered for their contributions to the region and social investments, and said: “Young people and women living in districts around our project area are at the center of our social investment program. 25 is one of the priorities of IGA to develop projects that touch their lives to live together in this region. Children, the future of this country, it is very important that they discover themselves and carry this heritage forward. With this project, we will exhibit the products produced by our children and young people in the airport after the airport is opened. Thus, we want these works prepared by our youth and children to inspire other traveling children. Böylece

Total 70 participants in five different workshops

She has worked with Seçkin Pirim, sculpture workshops, music workshops with Asena Akan, dance studios with Tuğçe Tuna, as well as graffiti workshops with Çağrı Küçüksayraç and graffiti workshops. 70 students participated in the event.

Participating children at the Dance and Movement Workshop; With Choreographer and Academician Tuğçe Tuna, they conducted kinesthetic memory, energy and creative movement coordination, self-confidence building and bodily awareness work. Tuğçe Tuna, the choreographer; he described the boundaries of the children as an experience where they could rediscover themselves, their relationship with the place and all kinds of things around them.

In her sculpture workshop, the artist Seçkin Pirim taught to design a work of art from an ordinary material. After the completion of the Sculpture Workshop, the 45 designed by the children who reveal the dreams hidden in the stone will be exhibited at the opening of the airport.

Music lovers met children and young people at the Music Workshop and many of them met the musical instruments for the first time. Guided by Jazz Musician Asena Akan, the children created their own music tracks and formed their bridges between their feelings and thoughts, words and voices.

Children met with artist Çağrı Küçüksayraç at the Graffiti Workshop, which has become an important part of street culture in recent years. On graffiti in different cities of the world sohbetThe workshop, which started with, resulted in children meeting materials, creating their own sketches and turning them into graffiti.

As in the other 2016 projects implemented since 210 within the framework of the Social Investment Program, IGA also considers the social and social benefits in the region. IGA, which carries out many studies aimed at educational institutions and students in this context, has brought together Roma children in collaboration with Arnavutköy Tolga Eti Primary School and Durusu Roma Association in 2016 and was awarded with the International Corporate Social Responsibility Award by Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association.

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