Statement by IMM regarding the Tram Crash in Topçular

In the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) regarding the accident, it was reported that all of the injured in the accident were discharged after their treatment.

Masjid-i Selam Topkapi Tram (T4 LINE) line at the time 11.30 Topçular Station in the light of the tram accident in a lightly injured machine and all of the passengers were discharged from hospitals.

Ring trips between Topkapı and Martyrs are carried out at intervals of 20 minutes. 25 intermittent flights are carried out between XIUMX and the Bosphorus at the intervals of 5. In addition, there are additional flights with IETT buses between Bosnaçukurçeşme and Topkapı.

The judicial and technical investigation of the accident continues.



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