Kocaoglu Explained Pay As You Go System

Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who was a guest of the joint broadcast of three local radios broadcasting in Izmir, made important statements that will mark the agenda. President Kocaoğlu said, “If the election alliance between AKP and MHP is reflected on the local, the question as to whether they will do alliance work or not,“ The alliance is determined by the Headquarters, not me. Until today, I have received the votes that can be elected by alliance with the citizen and the electorate. I try to solve problems by treating everyone equally and fairly. We have the chance to get votes from every party. Again, if we are candidates, we think that we can achieve the alliance between the people and the agreement with us, ”he replied.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Romantic Turkish, Can Radio and Yildiz FM participated in the joint publication of Abdullah Polat, Gokhan Kafali and answered questions from Melih Bingöl.

Mayor Kocaoglu, implemented in İzban 'pay as you go' system in the world and stated that Turkey applied in different provinces "It was like that every business event in Izmir. It is a system that we have been discussing for a long time and should be settled. I wish that nobody would make this work political material. If it is missing, we supplement it quickly. The blocked fee is returned on landing. This has turned into an urban legend. If it is said, 'Let the whole 136 km go for 2,86 TL, this is right, it is just', then it is necessary to think. In a very short time, the 'pay as you go' system will be implemented in 19 districts of Izmir, it has to be implemented. If not implemented, our countrymen face injustice, ”he said. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that short-distance journeys on the lines traveling with double tickets in the districts will be made much more economical.

I don't put my partner in front of me.
Mayor Kocaoğlu, who answered a question about whether he was uncomfortable with the 'pay-as-you-go system' in İZBAN, which was established and managed by the 50% partnership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, was directed only to the municipal wing, said, it does not suit me to take it off. The rest is at the discretion of friends. İZBAN was established with a 50 percent partnership. I do not complain about my partner. We also have other problems. I did it because I believe it. Putting my partner as a shield in an issue I believe does not help me or TCDD. "The opinion of those who want to use it is wrong."
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality pays TCDD about 25 million TL per annum and continued as follows:
“In the first years, we had to pay more line rent to TCDD than the turnover we collected. But we are partners. TCDD needs to remove the obstacles in front of turning Izban from the burden of line rental and turning it into a company that will serve Izmir, make investments and stand. We carry 300-350 thousand passengers. However, our potential is at least 700 thousand. If we could increase the expeditions, İzbe that Turkey will be the most passenger-carrying institution. The withdrawal of the Regional train, failure to signal, as operation of freight trains at night just to get things done between the two lips of the TCDD management, as well as damage to Izmir, Turkey. "

Minibuses will be included in the system
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu emphasized that the efforts to include the minibus drivers affiliated with the cooperatives and unions serving in the surrounding districts continue to the public transportation system of the Metropolitan Municipality, “The borders have grown, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been responsible for the transportation of the whole city. There is a demand for transportation from surrounding districts and towns. We started this within our power. We have around 600 villages, we have buses passing around 200-250 villages. But practice has shown that there are transport cooperatives in every region. It is now necessary to establish a system and to bring all unions and cooperatives under one roof. Our buses are usually free and discounted passengers. Others do not have this opportunity. If we open a tender today, cooperatives and unions that make real public transportation cannot enter. Legal regulation is needed for this, ”he said.

Stating that the application will start as a pilot in the coming days, President Kocaoğlu said, “This system will also be reflected in the city minibuses in the future. 1700 minibuses will be regulated and will work under our control ”.

Second ring road is a must
Responding to a question regarding the increase in traffic density in İzmir, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, ğ Traffic does not increase in İzmir due to the migration it receives. The traffic gets serious, and the city is in the center of the city and on the ring road, traffic hangs in the morning. Once a second ring road was necessary. We need to expand our paths. Captain Ibrahim Hakki Caddesi is one of the best examples. In the district, we made the Friendship Boulevard, Doğuş Boulevard, Homer Boulevard, the city's traffic load axles. After running such a rail system in the city center, 'I will come to the center with my car, my house will park my car in front of my store' is nowhere in the world will never be in Izmir. The rule is easy to set up but I have to apply the rule, ”he said.
“If you equip the city with a rail system network; If you are increasing from 11 km to 179 km; If you brought the tram to Alsancak and Konak on the one hand and the subway on the other, if you brought İZBAN from the North to the South, then you will say, "Sorry." There are parking lots in Evka 3, Gaziemir and Üçkuyular. 'Park your car there, get on the rail and come.' In addition, we will expand the "Park and Continue" system we have implemented in Alsancak. "

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor reminded that the reduction of the parking fee in Ankara to 1 TL would encourage coming to the center by private car and that this is not true, and reminded that "parking prices are increased in big cities in the world to avoid driving to the center".

I don't have general politics, I love the mayor.
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the slogan “İzmir is Aziz will remain Aziz” for the first time before the 2009 elections was put forward by a farmer in Kemalpaşa and said, “Then that slogan came down. We never say 'İzmir is Aziz, it will remain Aziz', and we wouldn't. If a politician does not bring himself to the forefront, does not show, does not give his picture in every newspaper, right and left, and determines his philosophy, if he tries to bring his institution to the fore, he will be successful in his job. Both the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its president make this situation perfectly. This is our policy. I have been eating yogurt for 14 years. I will continue with this philosophy, ”he said.

Underlining that the general politics of life throughout his life President Kocaoglu, said:
“I am a man who likes working, not making words. I believe I can serve like this. It is not clear where and when one will be thrown. Although I do not speak big, I do not like general politics and parliament. There is no such thing as everyone will love. I love being a mayor, and I do it with love. After this age, there is no such thing as 'we have finished this task, now let's move on'. "

Shengul made a joke!
AKP Izmir Provincial Chairman Aydin Sengul'ın 'administrative jurisdiction in Izmir in the hands of CHP'in also asked the assessment of Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, sözler All these years politics, provincial presidency, the deputies of the Aydin who suits this? Is it the mistake Aydin will make? The CHP has the judiciary! As far as I understand there is a claim: The institutions that are suing are trying to create the impression of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's backyard. The institutions that sued me are suing me the most. He knows it, he knows it by living. The jurisdiction is in our hands. So we were judged by 397 year. Maybe he's joked, but you don't have a word with him. We are talking about an independent judiciary and an independent judiciary. If you look at where the administrative courts Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said, how is it in Turkey? "He said.

I have full confidence in Deniz Yücel
CHP Izmir Province President Deniz Yücel's 2 monthly performance evaluating President Aziz Kocaoglu, X We had a good provincial congress. The aim of the former deputy was an excellent congress except for the unclear movement. The provincial chairman, his administration is also successful now. It will be experienced later after a certain time. 4 worked close to next year; I trust him, I believe that he will succeed. The party needed such a rejuvenation, such a blood. This has also happened. I believe that the congress is useful in terms of CHP in Izmir, İzmir he said.

Market districts under the responsibility of
BayraklıThe discussions on the closure of the Özkanlar marketplace in Turkey were among the questions directed to Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that opening the market, operating and supervising it is the responsibility of the district municipalities.
“We provide support in proportion to our financial situation by placing the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality without exception, both in construction works and in places with marketplace development. Marketplaces are under the responsibility of the district municipality; The world knows this. Everyone talks about everything. A district president's trying to bring the marketplace problem to the Metropolitan and the Bornova Municipality is to get a bigger job than he can. It is wrong. He is neither his addressee nor our addressee regarding the marketplace. The district mayor speaks. Marketers also went to the Headquarters. Headquarters' Take this Bayraklı Do you do the municipality's job? ' He will say. The headquarters is not a authority to determine my duties. ”

Sugar factories should not be sold
In response to a question about the sale of sugar factories in the public opinion, Mayor Kocaoglu stressed that sugar factories should not be sold. Mayor Kocaoglu pointed out that the sugar factories would be forced to be closed to unhealthy sugar with the closure of the sugar factories, ın Are we not going to transport because the transportation is hurting? Something like this would shut down the factories .. The majority were formerly established and each land is a thousand acres of 3-4. There are also bigger ones. He gave life to the county, changed life, triggered the growth of the city from football to social activities, remained in the city, has become a rent. The issue is the distribution of this rent. Now the land sold in the factory will also be sold. They're all in. There will be a serious land sale. In some regions, businessmen can unite and run the factories and this is something different. Bazı

I am alliance with citizens
Answering questions about whether there will be alliance studies for the local elections in 2019, İzmir Mayor stated, çalış The Alliance does not determine the Alliance. I don't even have the authority to nominate candidates. Until today, I am able to ally with the voters and get the vote to be elected. I'm trying to solve problems by being equitable and equitable. In the face of this stance, we have the chance to get votes from every party. If we become a candidate again, we think that we will be able to reconcile our alliance with the people. The alliance between the parties is not an issue that I can determine. Part

We have a trust between us
Mayor Kocaoglu, especially in the rural areas of the city reminded him that there is a separate favor on the following assessment made:
“The need in agriculture is such that one needs a honey filling facility, the other a bee, another needs an oyster mushroom, a sheep goat, and a chestnut producer needs the removal of branch cancer. There is a need for organic agriculture on the one hand, irrigation on the other, packaging and sales on the other. There are also… We reach out to whatever we need. Currently, we will do everything to improve marketing activities in both livestock and agriculture by establishing packaging and cold air facilities in Bayındır and Menderes on two 50-60 decares of land. On the other hand, we will implement the organization and marketing activities with the investments we will make. For example, we produce cucumbers, eggplants and peppers. Marketing one ton is one thing, 100 ton is another thing. We want 100 tons to come somewhere, packed there. We want the wholesaler to have some bargaining power as well as the market chain. We are preparing the infrastructure for this. "

Answering the question about the "300 animals for producers" project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “There are not 300 shepherds to look after 500 sheep in the Republic of Turkey. 300 sheep are not distributed. I give 5-6 sheep with my poor budget, you give 15 sheep. When a lady and gentleman put their heads together, they look at a minimum wage or more. kazanir. This is serious money in the village. Animal production in the country increases and agriculture becomes sustainable. Farming is family business. From here go to Kiraz, there are 10-30 sheep and goats on the roof of each house. The important thing is to keep it going,” he said.

There is a municipality that pits itself
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the infrastructure works during the construction of the roads to be brought to the agenda frequently evaluating President Kocaoglu, out of the winter, many districts water, channel infrastructure was renewed emphasizing:
Emek These are both money and labor. Renovation of the drinking water infrastructure of a town in Çeşme means 260 million TL. Some of the district mayors 'roads do not close' said the work of the smallest cost of the 30 million TL. We are investing in our own district. Of course the infrastructure is outrageous. Open-close, dust, soil .. He opened the hole and 'Izmir Metropolitan Municipality pit' municipalities that take pictures. I'm not making a party when I'm serving. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is investing in infrastructure with the strength of its power. 'It's overdue, it's late.' I count one of the central government '. The district municipalities should assist in this and not use it politically. District municipality, criticize the height of the news. Who will punish us for not making that investment? No matter what he says, we will do your duty. There is a lack of man, Bir he said.

Are we hocus pocus?
Stating that he did not find it right to “grab a log in front of the flood”, President Kocaoğlu continued his speech as follows:
“One year to the elections. Those who criticize our work will look at the disgrace of the district municipalities responsible for the side streets. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality paved the way for infrastructure, it will asphalt. Isn't there any trouble? Is happening. I am giving his account. You also give your own account, do them. We conducted this process with Taha Aksoy and Binali Yıldırım in the previous election periods. Now there is a terrible indecision. If we get into these just today…. However, the inhabitants of Izmir do not want to be indecisive or fight; He says 'sit and work like a man'. We are renewing the transmission line in Yeşildere. It was malfunctioning frequently, water was cut off. We had to make this investment. "Build a tram, but the traffic will not be closed, and the dust will not come out." Are we hocus-pocusers? You have completed the investment and paved the road. A letter came from the Electricity Administration; He said, 'There was a loan from the World Bank, we need to start a new project. What will AYKOME do? In addition, our procurement legislation is not suitable for the man who obeys the rule; suitable for man walking around from behind. Let me say this much; moments who understand. "

Jealousy will work hard
Lastly, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who answered the question about his candidacy for mayor, completed his speech as follows:
Dı The elections were left for a year. 3. end of my period. No one is asked? Why are we being asked? The jealousies will work hard. They're gonna be there. I continue my duty as Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Talk about time. What is my candidate today, what I'm not the candidate is not in question. But I can be a candidate. If the party deem fit. I have not yet decided to become a candidate. 14 is the president who came out of Bornova like the year before. Only my hair blew. I'm a little old. But the same good will, the same human love, the city's problems, trying to solve your problems, I try to be secular to my fellow countrymen. I trust you, I trust you. And you believe me, you trust me. We will try to do better things. Let God according to the tastes of everyone."

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