Harem Bus Terminal Moves to Pendik

Intercity bus 3. The transfer of Harem Bus Terminal to Ataşehir was canceled due to the obligation to use the Bridge. The new Otogar of the Anatolian Side will be built in Pendik Kurtköy.

The zoning status of the land, which has the function of 64 thousand square meters of occupational and technical facilities owned by IMM in Pendik Kurtköy, where Harem Bus Station will be moved, was changed by the majority of votes as “terminal-bus station area” in the IMB parliamentary session. The reason for the plan change was stated in the related report that alternative areas were produced for the Harem bus station within the scope of “Istanbul Bus Station Areas Planning”, and the bus terminal areas that most bus companies created in the Anatolian Side passengers, such as Dudullu, Şerifali, Şamandıra, were completed.


SözcüAccording to the report of Özlem Güvemli, Ataşehir project could not be implemented since the project was prepared at the Ataşehir İMES junction to replace the Harem Bus Station before the 3rd Bridge was opened, but it was compulsory to use the 3rd Bridge and the Northern Marmara Highway route with the UKOME decision. In this context, it was stated that the land in Pendik Kurtköy District is planned as the bus station area for the bus station that will take over the function of Harem Bus Station.


IMM Planning Directorate made remarkable evaluations regarding the change. The Directorate stated that the area of ​​approximately 64 thousand square meters “administrative facility”, “vocational and technical facilities” was canceled and the equivalent area was not reserved in return for the reinforcements removed. It was also noted that no opinions were received from the institutions such as Provincial Directorate of National Education, Pendik Municipality, IMM Real Estate Directorate and IETT, which were affected by the regulation. It was reminded that IETT wanted to arrange this land as a garage and it was reminded that the institutions gave negative opinions since the equivalent area was not separated at that time and that IMM did not find the plan change regarding the garage arrangement appropriate. Therefore, it was pointed out that the opinions of the institution are important in terms of suspension and announcement transactions and legal processes. In addition, it was warned that the usage types, units and structuring conditions in the bus station area are not clearly defined and this uncertainty may cause problems.


In another proposal that was taken to the agenda of the IMM in July but not yet decided, the Directorate was reminded that the 113 thousand square meter area in Tuzla Akfırat was determined as the bus station area by the Transportation Planning Directorate. Considering this planning process, it was emphasized that it would be appropriate to produce a plan decision. Despite the warnings, the plan change approved by the commissions was approved by majority vote.


İBB Assembly Member Tarık Balyalı from Pendik said that the area chosen for the bus station was wrong because the land remained in the neighborhood and there was a school right next to it. Stating that the conversion of the technical high school area to the bus station is also unfair to the neighborhood people who suffer from school, Balyalı said: “Traffic will cause a lot of trouble in the neighborhood. The bus station needs to be evaluated within an integrated plan. ” Transport and Traffic Commission President Mahmut Yeter also announced that they revised the plan in line with the opinion of the Ministry of National Education to leave a part of the parcel as a school.

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