Vali Alanya Cable Car Lowers Price

Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu has come up with many problems in Alanya where he came to attend 'Alanya Castle Evaluation Meeting. Karaloğlu stated that the cable car fee was 18 TL and said, "Let's drop this."

Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu came to Alanya yesterday morning. Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel was accompanied by Karaloğlu. Governor Karaloğlu and Metropolitan Mayor Türel, who were welcomed by the district protocol in front of Alanya Cultural Center (AKM), attended the 'Alanya Castle Evaluation Meeting' in Türel Alanya Cultural Center (AKM). Speaking at the meeting, Governor Karaloğlu said that they were here to talk about Alanya Castle. Karaloğlu said, “Our Alanya culture is important for our identity. Alanya is our culture with its castle, Bedesten and cave. Shipyard is one of the first shipyards established in our geography. Alaaddin Keykubat became the sultan of two seas by building a shipyard in Alanya and Sinop. Much has been done to Alanya Castle so far, but there are still problems such as cleaning and infrastructure. We will protect Alanya Castle and use it. Alanya Castle has been included in the UNESCO Temporary Heritage List. The file prepared to exit the temporary list several times was insufficient. If we work here in unison, we will put Alanya Castle on the permanent list. Currently there are 16 works from Antalya on the temporary list. One of them is Alanya Castle. Nobody will put us on the main list if we don't meet the necessary criteria. Hopefully, we can turn Alanya Castle into a place where everyone visits, and everyone leaves happily when leaving. ”

Then, Alanya Archeology Museum Seher Türkmen, who made a presentation, also gave information about Alanya Castle. Türkmen said, “Kızılkule and Tersane are unique structures. Protection decisions regarding Alanya Castle started in the 1980s and the areas within the castle were declared as archaeological sites. The purpose of the conservation plan is to protect and improve the existing structure. There are two paid ruins of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The area between Tersane and Tophane was organized as the Ship and Maritime Museum. It was opened to visitors by repairing different places. The first problem in Alanya Castle is traffic and transportation. There are 2 vehicle roads that reach the castle. There is a vehicle road that reaches Tophane and Hisariçi. There are too many pedestrian paths to the castle. The alternative car route has been explored and the cable car opened last year. ”

Stating that there is no Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) decision regarding Kale, President Türel said, “We have not made a decision about this issue until today. We waited for today. We thought that the vehicles other than the tour buses going to Alanya Castle would damage the castle ”. Mayor Yücel said, “We have been bringing the transportation issue related to Alanya Castle to the agenda for 6 months. We do not see a problem in public transport and exit of taxis. Our castle is one of the rare castles in the world. For this reason, we have no intention of preventing the transportation of people. We are looking for an alternative for this. We want big service vehicles to go to the castle. One of the excuses UNESCO has always shown us is the transportation problem and we want it resolved. We have given solution suggestions. We established our 10 vehicle storage areas. Incoming buses will leave their passengers on the ropeway and then move on to these storage areas. ”

Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Alanya Regional Executive Committee (BYK) Chief Inspector Shaukat Mutlu, the castle road of demands Karaloğlu of agencies providing services in the region for the opinion to be closed to traffic conveyed to the delegation headed. Mutlu said, “In order to add value to Alanya Castle, we need to introduce Alanya Castle and show it around. We prepared a report on this issue and presented it to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. There are 4 vehicles in the area where the cable car is located. Large tour buses come to this area from time to time and these arrivals are carried up piece by piece. Around 50 guests arrive on a single bus. Tourists can be transported by 4 minibuses to visit the Inner Castle. There is no parking space for the big bus in Ehmedek. The restriction of vehicle traffic and the fact that people are sentenced only to the ropeway will make things more difficult. Teleferik A.Ş. wants to put ring vehicles in the region, but since these vehicles will be small, they will carry passengers who will get off even a bus with at least 4 minibuses. When 4-5 bus passengers arrive at the same time, there will be many times more traffic problems on the route between Ehmedek region and İç Kale. Therefore, banning big buses will cause bigger problems. On the other hand, old people come with these tours, and after getting off the cable car, going to Ehmedek region requires a great effort and effort. There is a track that is not easy to walk. ”

"Don't we take tourists to the castle to walk?" As for his statements, Mutlu replied, "Tourists go to the Ehmedek region by bus." Karaloğlu said, “Our biggest problem is we do not show tourists. The guide cannot stand it, does not want to walk. It is easier to take it to the Shopping Center. This is not only the problem of Alanya but also of Antalya. Do not hesitate to walk. In tourism, this mentality must change. People want to walk, touch. It is not an excuse to be old, people you call old walk 15-20 kilometers a day. The agency wants me to take the tourist to the shopping center, take me to my contracted stores, and take my advantage. Now that period, that mindset needs to change. Tourism needs to keep up with the policy it should have. ”

Teleferik A.Ş. Chairman of the Board İlker Cumbul said that all the vehicles, including special vehicles, should be restricted. "We would like to take the cable car to the inner part, but there are restriction decisions," said Cumbul. Doors are built, vehicle license plates of residents living in this region are registered in the system and their smooth passage is provided, and citizens who do not sit will also be paid to leave the castle. On the other hand, we rearranged some roads at the cable car exit and the castle road. There are wooden paths. Walkways should be arranged a little more. We traveled 500-600 meters in a short time. We can enlarge this. ”

Chairman Yücel said, “I think TÜRSAB Representative Şevket bey has not been in the castle for 3 months. Alanya Castle, which was visited by 100-odd thousand visitors a year in the past, was visited by 300 thousand people together with the cable car. Our goal is to deliver the castle to the generation that has come to this day and today, as we have preserved to date. Our biggest goal is to ignore the UNESCO Heritage List. Nobody knew the Ehmedek region in the past. Even the people of Alanya did not know, the rate of those who knew did not exceed 10 percent. It has now appeared. Currently, projects of cisterns and animating the works around Kemal Atlı House are ready. We consider Alanya Castle as a whole. Alanya Castle, I believe that it will receive 500 thousand visitors this year. ” Governor Karaloğlu said Yücel's approach to 500 thousand visitors humorously, "Don't do it, Adam, we will host 13 million tourists this year, I would expect you to set more targets."

Speaking later, former mayor of Alanya Hasan Sipahioğlu said, “Public buses pass easily to the region. We need to change our tourism and tourism perception. The agents bring the tourists to the castle by buses, take them for an hour, then return the hop. ” Karaloğlu said, “If we bring tourists to Alanya Castle for an hour, let's not bring it at all. Tourism, agency friends do not do this. We cannot get anywhere with this mentality. People need to visit here. What will the trades acquire after the tourists who come by bus go back by bus or will the tourist really say 'I traveled to Alanya'? ” he spoke. Sipahioğlu said, “There are cordless golf tools. To bring them too close. This is also included in the tender specifications. ” On this, Teleferik A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Cumbul said, “We bought these vehicles, but they could not be used where there is traffic. That's why he's waiting in the warehouse. We are ready to put it into service. ” Upon this, Governor Karaloğlu instructed Antalya BŞB President Türel and UKOME officials to resolve the situation and asked for necessary steps to be taken.

After the discussions, Karaloğlu said, “We should definitely not take the big buses up. Let's take a decision on this at UKOME. Permission can be obtained for 9-meter buses. When you pedestrian Alanya Castle, you will see that satisfaction will increase. ” Türel said, “Let Alanya Municipality establish its system and let the income be left to Alanyaspor. "Let's shoot two birds with one stone." Asking for the cable car pricing, Governor Karaloğlu said that when he heard that it was 18 TL, the price was high. When Cumbul said that the pricing was 2 Euros for the agencies, “Why is the agency 2 Euros and the citizens 18 TL? This figure is very, let's drop it. ” "We have set this way in our contract, let's close the castle to complete traffic, I will reduce it to 12 TL," said Cumbul. Yücel said, “We have determined this number as 6 times of public transportation in our contract. When we opened the bus pricing was 2 and a half TL. The hike came 2 months after the opening. When the bus fare was 3 TL, the lift came to the lift. ” Karaloğlu nevertheless negotiated with Cumbul, stating that this pricing was not correct. "18 TL is a high figure for the cable car, let's reduce it to 15 TL," said Karaloglu. Although Cumbul objected, President Yücel accepted the proposal of Governor Karaloğlu and said that they would do the necessary work with the company and said, “Believe us, the cost of the staff working in our dedicated area is 800 thousand TL. Our aim is not money. ”

While discussions on the price of the cable car continue, Aytemiz Alanyaspor Club Vice President Nurettin Uludağ said, “If the price of the cable car is 15 TL, the money going to Alanyaspor will decrease. Let's decide on this issue. ” Karaloğlu said that this would be discussed later, but the steps to be taken should be done without victimizing either side.

Alanya Chamber of Drivers President Recep Calis said: lar There is an image that people who buy tickets from the cable car can also visit the castle. For those who want to get out of the cable car and enter the inner fortress there is a need to buy a ticket for an 15 TL. The 8-9 family justifies their ticket price to be justified and unfortunately they are going back without visiting the castle. X Karaloğlu, who also asked me at what time the fortress was closed, said, u This is a tourism city. How could something like that happen? Will the castle close at 17.00? Are we still talking about this in Antalya? Let's not bury our heads in the sand. The castle needs to be open until 17.00, regardless of summer and winter. Even if I'm a guest, I can go up to the inner castle, watch the view of Alanya, even if I can't even write poetry, çıkar he said. Alanya Castle urgently asked for the establishment of a night watch system, Karaloğlu said: "There should be no problems with security in the castle."

Ekaterina Gündüz, the President of the Alanya Russian Education and Culture Association, also provided information about the churches in Alanya Castle and asked Karaloğlu for support about the situation in the buildings. Gündüz said, “There are many churches in the castle. Inside the church, people light fire, write on the walls, and unfortunately they use it as a toilet. It should be prevented and those structures should be restored and brought into tourism. ” Karaloğlu promised Gündüz that all necessary steps will be taken.

Afterwards, Governor Karaloğlu, who stated his opinions about the promotion and awareness of Alanya Castle, said, “Let's do a mapping study about the castle, including the caves below. Next, let's find the promotional materials to the finest detail. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality or Alanya Municipality can do this, even the two can do it together. We need to let people spend time when they go to the castle. Everyone living in Alanya should help in pedestrianizing the castle. The return of this will happen to all of Alanya. ”

Karaloğlu said that the number of enterprises in the region should be increased in the castle and that the buildings within the boundaries of the fortresses were restored and that a restaurant would be an important step for this. Karaloglu, "I wanted to make a building last year, the governor's office, they said to me 2 million dollars," he said. Indicating that there is a building in Tophane Hasan Sipahioğlu, the governor's office can be used in case of desire said. Karaloğlu, also asked to solve the problem of infrastructure in the castle. Karaloğlu, yapıl the castle in the contrary structures should be cleaned as soon as possible. There's a problem right now. Let it collapse if necessary. Gerek

Providing information about archaeological studies, Türkmen said, "There is no research center in Alanya, Alanya deserves the Anatolian Seljuk Research Center". Karaloğlu, Rector of ALKU. By asking Ahmet Pınarbaşı to begin work on this field, “The most important works of Alaaddin Keykubat are in Alanya, why is there no research center in Alanya ?. As far as I know, there is such a center at Konya Selçuk University. He should be contacted immediately and joint work should be done ”. Rector Pınarbaşı said that the steps will be taken as soon as possible.

Having learned that the archaeological excavations carried out in Alanya Castle are limited to 50 days, Karaloğlu stated that this situation does not suit Alanya and asked for this number to be increased. Karaloğlu, who wants a plan that spans the 12 months of the year, said that an excavation house should be gained to the castle. Speaking about the protection plan, Seher Türkmen said that work should be done to protect the castle's silhouette.

Wishing that the decisions taken at the end of the meeting will be beneficial for Alanya, Karaloğlu said, “Alanya Castle is our most important asset in this geography. Let's use this while preserving. Let's not be afraid to pedestle Alanya Castle. Priority is not your car, you are always human. Hopefully, we will do the same after 5-6 months of this meeting, and we will make the decisions spread to the bottom. ” Having a meal with the district protocol after the meeting, Karaloğlu then took the cable car and toured Alanya Castle. Karaloğlu joined Alanya with a cocktail organized after the tour program and left Alanya.

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