A Floral Greeting for Female Passengers in Izmir Metro

İzmir Metro's tradition of welcoming female passengers with flowers every 8 March World Working Women's Day continued this year. However this time the main surprise was for tram travelers. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu welcomed the passengers mostly going to work with the 08.10 tram and celebrated the days with a bouquet of flowers. Karşıyaka The passengers who saw President Kocaoğlu on the tram were both surprised and very happy. From the ring road stop Karşıyaka Mayor Kocaoğlu went to the pier stop by tram and did not forget to give flowers to female security guards at every stop. İzmir Metro Inc. The 8 March Women's Day event, in which the employees of the İzmir Metro, along with the General Manager, accompanied President Kocaoğlu, Karşıyaka the tram was a first for travelers.

Izmir Metro stations in the morning hours, the station officials, women greeted with flowers. Hundreds of bouquet flowers were distributed at the stations where women passengers started their day with a happy smile.

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