Erzurum Metropolitan Will Connect 50th Year Street to Şükrüpaşa

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality is making new connections to make transportation services in the city more comfortable and comfortable.

Metropolitan Municipality, İm Urban Transformation and Development Project Area İm in the region declared by the decision of the Parliament, under the protocol signed between the Directorate General of TCDD and the institution, Directorate of Urban Transformation Directorate of the Directorate of Mapping Directorate of the Zoning 3194 Number of zoning application was made by the implementation of the zoning, new roads were created. Road Construction Directorate teams of the Department of Science Affairs, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen 's new way of work has begun to work.

Starting from 50.Yıl Caddesi and driving through Şükrüpaşa Nurettin Topçu Information House, the drivers will have a more comfortable transportation network. Authorities, the completion of the new connection road from the 50.Yıl Street to be reached in a shorter time to Şükrüpaşa neighborhood and said the transition will be easier. The new 30 meter-wide 500 meter will be constructed in the new 50 with the help of the upper viaduct (Bridge), which will be carried out on the route where the TCDD train lines will pass. Yıl Caddesi will be connected to Şükrüpaşa Neighborhood.

Citizens, e We would like to thank our Mayor Mehmet Sekmen. It took a lot of time to move from Şükrüpaşa Neighborhood to 50.Yıl Avenue and then to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard. Now the new link will be made in the shortest possible period of arrival and arrival of these two posts. We thank the President for the service in question. Başkan



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