Eldener, 3 with Students. Impact on Airport and Air Cargo Sector

International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Providers UTIKAD, improved logistics culture in Turkey continues to work towards the goal. UTIKAD President Emre Eldener, who is trying to come together with students who receive logistics education in every opportunity within the framework of this goal, attended the panel organized by Istanbul Bilgi University Bilgi Logistics Club on February 27.

"3. Effect of Airport and Air Cargo Industry "Elder made a presentation on the panel," the price of commodity exports to Turkey accounted for 11% in terms of air cargo. Considering that air cargo transportation is growing rapidly, we can better understand the importance of the New Airport. ”

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Emre Eldener, organized by Istanbul Bilgi University Bilgi Logistics Club on February 27, 2018 at Bilgi Santral Campus. Participated in the “Impact on Airport and Air Cargo Sector” panel. Assist from Istanbul Bilgi University International Logistics and Transport Department. Assoc. Dr. The panel, moderated by Kenan Dinç, discussed the details of the 3rd Airport project, the effects of the project on our region and country. UTIKAD Chairman Emre Eldener also as panellists at the event attended by Turkish Cargo Turkish Airlines General Manager (Cargo) Deputy Turhan Ozen, Lufthansa Cargo Turkey Regional Director Hasan Hatipoglu, DHL Express Operations Deputy General Manager Mustafa Tonguc and HDI Airport Business Business Development Manager Ümit Dindar explained the effects of the new airport to the logistics industry in detail.

Following the introduction of the panelists, Ümit Dindar, İGA Airport Operation Business Development Manager, explained the curious points about the New Airport. Ümit Dindar, who stated that he will be moving to the New Airport after 8 months, stated that the only thing that will not come to the New Airport in the process of moving from Atatürk Airport is the congestion and operational problems.

UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, who came to the rostrum after Dindar, started his speech by stating that this transition is a first and will be very difficult. Mayor Eldener wished Umit Dindar and his team easier. As UTİKAD, Eldener stated that they are very close to the industry both through airports, airlines and agencies. As you know, UTİKAD has a very different member profile. We bring together all the stakeholders of the sector under the same roof. ” Stating that the logistics sector is influenced by international conventions and agreements in addition to the laws, regulations and regulations belonging to our country, Eldener said, “The leading managers of the sector are coming together under the Airline Working Group, established under UTİKAD and operating for many years. It is working to find solutions to both the physical infrastructure problems of the sector and the problems regarding the legislation infrastructure. At the same time, they support the industry by making use of international collaborations and agreements. ” Air cargo industry Eldener stressed that a large equestrian Show in recent years, "Air cargo transport of the cost of goods exports to Turkey accounted for some 11%. Considering the rapid increase in air cargo transportation, the necessity of the New Airport becomes clearer. ”

Speaking after Eldener, Turkish Airlines Deputy General Manager Turhan Özen, in his speech, where he gave valuable advice to students, suggested that he will not specialize in a detail subject without seeing the big picture, so after understanding the supply chain and logistics issues very well, he suggested that I tend to specialize in sub-topics.

Lufthansa Cargo Turkey Regional Director Hasan Hatipoglu, pious hope of starting a video presentation located in the "Imagine That!" said. Hatipoğlu said that he dreamed that the problems would disappear for the air cargo logistics for logistics. DHL Express Operations Officer, Assistant General Manager Mustafa Tonguc said that great importance for them of the new airport project, Turkey of goals as DHL, Southern Europe, underlined that operate a hub to connect the Middle East and Asia.

At the end of the panel, where the importance of e-commerce was addressed and completed with the question-answer section, which required serious improvements regarding legislation, Bilgi Logistics, which attracted attention with the Logitrans Career Meeting by Bilgi Logistics and the Logistics Student Council that they established together with Yeditepe University Logistics Club. On behalf of the club, Club President Yusuf İbre thanked all the panelists and listeners for their participation and stated that they will continue their successful work.

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