DSV Turkey, Rail Deposit to be 5 Million Dollars Each Year

To expand operations with the railroad investments in Turkey Danish DSV plans each year for spending millions of dollars it will 5.

Danish origin dsv'n logistics company DSV's operations in Turkey Turkey, will focus on the railway in 2018. Belt Road project will serve as a bridge stating they would increase their investment in terms of railway in Turkey Turkey General Manager Ozan DSV Leader, "This project 10 year plan. In line with our annual target of railway in Turkey, we reserve 5 million dollars and will continue to devote "he said.

Direct trains from Germany to Turkey was made by the installation of expressing themselves 60 percent of Poets Leader, "Our aim is to further improve it. We are constantly making purchases for this and intensifying. Because Turkey and Kars, Baku, Tbilisi railway project, and the airport is located in a third country with the aim of improving the speed transportation project. For this reason, we are looking forward to the development of the Silk Road project. Bu

Controlling trade, controlling trade

Speaking about the US's alternative efforts to create an alternative to China's's Generation Road N project, Ozan Onder said, “It controls the 50 of the global trade controlling the road. In the US, he will do his best to create an alternative. This is a race, giving good service wins, Bu he said.

Expressing that China's project will have a positive impact for them, Önder added, ından The automotive sector is shifting to the Balkans. For this reason, an important route to Turkey. Normally, a ship departing from China can arrive at the locations determined in Europe between 45 and 60 days. When the train is completed, this time 25 can go down and take down a significant cost geç.

Percent 60 predicts growth

In the 2017 operations in Turkey that the information they capture Poets percent growth rate compared to the year 2016 65 Leader, "as our goal 2018 year we revised accordingly. We expect a growth rate of 60. In the 2017 seaway, we reached the 70 thousand TEU, this year our goal is 100 thousand TEU. We ranks second in Turkey in the airline. We do not have any foresight in this area but we can increase our market share with the growth of the airline market. Yıl

Global market trends focus on IT and electronic systems

Der We have an IT team close to a thousand people,, said Ozan Önder. When we look at Europe, e-commerce in the UK is equivalent to 44 of the total trade. Particularly with the concentration of e-commerce systems like Amazon, it focuses on niche systems that will make transportation more compact. As DSV, we are focused on this with our IT team IT. Turkey says it has the potential to capture this trend Leader Ozan, remarks and pointed out that an important place in the yazılımcılık continued as follows: "In Turkey, the shipping software can get in a week. This process abroad can take longer. For this reason, this virgin area can be developed much faster. O

UTI, 43. purchase was

DSV globally making the largest purchase of 1,35 billion dollars UTI company has added to the recording of Ozan Onder, DSV since the establishment of the purchase of 43 said. Stating that UTI is the first purchase at its own level, Önder said, N At the meeting that Ceo had made, 2 said another purchase decision of one billion euros was taken. But there is no clarity about which firm to be. Ama

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