Kocamaz: "The Goal In Rail System Is To Tender For Construction By The End Of This Year"

March 2014 Meeting of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council 1. The merger was carried out under the chairmanship of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz.

23 and 10 item, 3 item out of the agenda, and 36 article were discussed during the meeting held at the Congress and Exhibition Center.

Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, addressed the issues of the agenda of the Assembly, and informed the people of Mersin about the signing of the tender for the Rail System, objections to the 1 / 5000 Scale Master Plans, the closure of the coordination branches and the water outages.

Ih Our goal in the rail system is to make the tender until the end of this year “

Expressing that an important step has been taken in the process with the signing of the rail system project contract, Burhanettin Kocamaz, the Mayor of Mersin, said that their targets were to realize the tender until the end of the year. We signed the contract. The project completion time is about 210 days but we are aiming to finish much earlier. You know, these big projects are also included in the state's investment program. So they didn't get us into 2018. However, when your project is completed, they can be included in the 2018 program. We hope to complete the project as soon as we hope. Our goal is to realize the construction tender until the end of the year. Hedef

”The zoning plan was unanimously adopted by all parties who were members of the assembly“

Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, who evaluated the objections and the process about the suspension period of the 1 / 5000 Scale Master Plan, underlined that the plan was accepted unanimously in the Metropolitan Assembly. Expressing that the objections made during the suspension process will be re-evaluated, President Kocamaz said, “The zoning plan was accepted unanimously by all parties who are members of the assembly. We took this decision together unanimously. I even thanked you for taking this decision together for years. There will be objections in the hanging period, these objections will be re-evaluated and this development plan will result in the least dissatisfaction. Ask

Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the objections are generally divided into four headings as coastal line, stream beds, high voltage lines and special project areas.

”Our city has reached a balanced and fair plan adil

President Kocamaz who stated that the citizens were misinformed during the objection and that politics had emerged due to the entry of politics into the work, said, ğ But there is also an inconvenience caused by the fact that this plan has not been implemented for some years. This is where politics has entered. I'm so sorry about that. Within this plan, the organization of the organization with the idea of ​​rewinding the reel back, persistently appeal to certain numbers to send a message to the citizen, the preparation of printed petitions, the appeal was not pleasant to say. Of course, I'm sorry to say that there is even a deputy. It's a sad thing. With this plan, our city, which is composed of parts that have not been integrated with each other before, has a holistic and fair plan. Parça

“Let the next generations grow in unhealthy areas“

Stating that citizens are worried about the collapse of their homes, President Kocamaz said, alan In terms of special project areas, the citizen believes that this special project and urban transformation areas will be demolished. Urban transformation is not done before a certain number is reached in that region. There is no destruction before a certain number is reached. We are making this plan for our citizens to live in healthier, safer, more green areas. We all have come to a certain age, but we want the next generation to grow in unhealthy areas. I would like to invite our citizens to be more sensitive to living in healthier places. Ben

”Our problem is to solve this city's reconstruction problem“

Underscoring not to be expropriated without undermining the President Kocamaz, çiz We certainly do not want to make expropriation unless we have to. But if there is a way to open it, there is no need to expropriate the road problem in practice. When the municipality will make any facility, it can be done by taking the decision of public interest. We are no one's enemy. We need to know which parcel. Our problem is to solve the reconstruction problem of this city. Let us unite, integrate, sit and evaluate. You will also be informed about the objections. İ

In his speech, President Kocamaz also stated that citizens should be informed correctly and that they should be determined for the future of the city regardless of the interests. President Kocamaz, mek If everyone makes a union, everyone gives the same answer to the citizen as he talks about it, it is much easier to put this zoning plan into practice and to face the problems and complaints together after minimizing them. But there is not someone in their own land and then look at the trouble of bringing the people to the galaxy to other places in the form of printed petitions, pulling messages, mixing the mess and seeing it as an element of ordinary politics, we have no choice but to call it shame kendi.

Coordination Branches are Closing

The coordination of the branch from the relevant ministry in the parliament to evaluate the decision to close the Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, said the decision will be difficult to manage districts from the center.

President Kocamaz also pointed out that in the assembly meeting, the water outage in some districts, which lasted longer than the planned period, was prolonged due to non-accountable reasons and added, ç Last Sunday was an undesirable one. Especially in Yenisehir and Mezitli, there was a long-term water outage. In other words, due to the fact that the failure in the account there is a prolonged date is dangling. In the meantime, such a situation has occurred due to the use of tanks, emptying and re-filling. I hope that such a situation would not happen again. Um

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