KadıköyTrains Decay in Flood

In tens of years, they carried millions of passengers on the crossroads from Haydarpaşa Train Station to Gebze. There were memories like this in every car, so hoped that the memories were sobered as a nostalgia for unforgettable memories. The train rails and some of the wagons are now flooded in line with the line lengths that today's young people, who have never traveled, are trying to enter the spell of the city to catch the picture. Every day rotting a little more, retiring to retreat biraz

Kadıköy Those moments displayed by the newspaper revealed the painful state of the trains, which are the subject and place of numerous films in Yeşilçam, the symbol of immigration from Anatolia to Istanbul in March. On the other hand, new train rail concretes were lowered to Haydarpaşa borders.


It is known that a significant part of the "iron letters" trains of Haydarpaşa Train Station were built in 1979. In the coming months, the oldest wagons are expected to be lifted with the high-speed train announced to be put into service in 2019 at the latest. Kadıköy As the newspaper, we recommend underlining; At least some of the wagons KadıköyWhether it's a recent museum in history, it's not a classic museum among the four walls, it's unusual! In this way, a significant acquisition is provided for the city identity, and a useful study can be realized in the name of the tourism deficiency of the district, which is not going on. Haydarpaşa Train Station will actively work in the period of high speed train services. A large number of projects can be drawn to the trains every day by creating many projects in Haydarpaşa Station or to its relatives, where the wagons can be actively visited by the citizens, where there are plenty of photos, videos that can be inspired by Yeşilçam films. There is no information that the trains will definitely be razors, but the concern that the wagons waiting in the rain in the open air for about 7 years has been increasing significantly, bringing the possibilities to the backstage. On the other hand, it is known that wagons will not be used on the existing line since they cannot respond to today's technologies. Scenes with veteran rails and wagons, emotionally attached to trains KadıköyIt creates sadness in the seniors.


In the first week of March, heavy showers brought dense puddles on the train tracks around Haydarpasa Train Station. Although security measures are taken, it is known that photograph enthusiasts find a way to take snapshots in the presence of wagons and take a risky action. On the other hand, serious injuries have occurred in this area before.

Photo Kadıköy It belongs to Adem Giden from his newspaper

Source : I www.kadikoygazetesi.co

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  1. Those who exceed the age of 40 are put into the museum.The younger ones are dispatched in the places (care after the maintenance of the market).