Visit from Cankesen to TCDD 1st Regional Directorate

Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen, Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yildirim, Istanbul 1 Branch President Mustafa Tamtam, Istanbul 2 Branch Branch President Turgut Aydin, Kocaeli Branch President Mehmet Akkus and branch board members TCDD 1 Regional Directorate also made various visits.

Cankesen and his entourage first visited TCDD 1 Regional Managers in his office. Participating in the meetings held with the employees of the Regional Directorate, the President listened to the problems of the employees in place. Cankesen, who gave information about trade union activities at the meeting, held mutual consultations with the regional employees. In addition, Cankesen 1 Deputy Director General of the Office also visited the authorities to learn about the problems in the region.



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