Cankesen Visited Workplaces Affiliated to Transportation Service Branch in Uşak

Provincial Transport Officer-Sen President Can Cankesenin city visits continue without interruption. In this context, President Cankesen, who visited the officers working in the institutions connected to the transportation service branch in Uşak, met their employees one by one and identified their problems on the spot.

Cankesen, who came together with the employees working in the institutions affiliated to our service arm, heard the problems of the employees and informed them. Listening to the problems of our members and employees at the meetings, the President stated that they would do their best to solve the negativities in the workplaces and made mutual consultations. Mayor Can Cankesen also gave information about the process and achievements by having mutual consultations with our members in relation to collective bargaining negotiations.

The visits were made by Vice President Ümit Aydın, İzmir 1 Branch Manager Ahmet Özdemir, İzmir 2 Branch President İbrahim Güneş, Provincial Representatives and Branch Board Members.

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