Passage of the Çanakkale Bridge

The toll fee of the 18 Çanakkale Bridge, which will serve 30 thousand vehicles a day when the groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 1915, is curious. 2022 thousand workers will work for the bridge that will be completed in 10. Here is the toll determined for the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge.

The 18 Çanakkale Bridge, where a tower groundbreaking and piling ceremony was held on March 1915, was financed by 10 billion 2 million Euros from 265 different countries. The full name of the company, established by Daelim-Limak-SK-Yapı Merkezi Joint Venture, is Çanakkale Motorway and Bridge Management Investment Inc. happened. Stating that the loan financing of the project was provided from many countries from China to Denmark, Limak Investments Chairman Ebru Özdemir said, “The loans were obtained from banks such as KSURE, Deutsche Bank, Bank of China, ICBC and 17 banks in total, 24 of which are foreign. Therefore, we compare the financing network to the Silk Road ”.


Reminding that they will build both the longest span and the highest tower bridge in the world, Özdemir said, “There is a guarantee of 30 thousand vehicles. It may not take long to reach this number. The toll will be 15 euro + VAT (80 TL at today's exchange rates). We plan to complete the project in March 2022. "We will finish the project early in line with the spirit of the build-operate-transfer model," he said. Stating that there were a thousand workers in the project, Özdemir said, "Probably, this number will increase to 10 thousand". Stating that there was more demand than they expected from abroad, Yapı Merkezi Board of Directors Chairman Başar Arıoğlu stated that when the highways are completed, the distance between Istanbul and Çanakkale will fall to 2.5 hours. Arıoğlu said, “The land prices will double along 50 meters from the shore of the bridge. According to the analysis we made by Deloitte, its contribution to the economy will be 15 billion euros in 16 years ”.


Stating that they will concentrate on projects abroad, Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of Limak Holding, said, “In the future, we will enter Malaysia to do big projects. We can enter the African market to make projects such as transition bridges, ”he said. Özdemir continued as follows: “We spent 142 million Euros in a year for the bridge. As 4 partners, we will put 800 million euro equity into the project. Koreans are very experienced in suspension bridges. Our teams will enable us to go abroad by working with Koreans, specializing in this field. "

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