Bus Drivers Informed About Boarding with Diyarkart

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality was informed about the free distribution, application and principles of 1 million new Diyar Kart, and public relations and the development of corporate culture, to the bus drivers affiliated with the Department of Transportation.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to disseminate card boarding system for regular and systematic public transportation services, has started to distribute Diarkart'an 1 million cards free of charge. Rıfat Ural, Head of Transportation Department of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, informed the bus drivers of the department for the promotion of card boarding system. In addition to the bus drivers connected to the Department of Transportation, private public bus and minibus drivers attended the information meeting held at the Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Congress Center.

Old cards are valid

Rıfat Ural, Head of Transportation Department of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, said that the system, which was formerly updated with the updates, was made compatible with the developing technology. Unlike the presumed that the card boarding system of citizens is not restricted Ural, old cards, such as new ones are valid, aims to protect the interests of the municipality by eliminating cash in public transport and to provide income to record the income, he said.

Switch to smart stall system

The systems work in harmony with each other and the success of success, the success of people living in a happy and peaceful expressing that Ural, card boarding system, then the smart stall system will enter into operation, he said. Ural, who explained the bus lines and times, said that the new system will allow the citizen to see where the bus is and when it will stop at the stop.

Drawing attention to the success of corporate culture, Ural asked the drivers to take care of bus travel and timely transport to the destination. Ural said that every citizen who gets on the bus should be treated as a guest.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 16:58

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