30 Million Lira Credit to BURULAŞ

long these days / short-term debt with the name of Turkey and Bursa agenda often referred Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas Presidency in new management also decided to apply the same way to meet the urgent financial needs.

Metropolitan Municipality Council in the second session of February, the decision taken by the municipality of economic enterprises to use a loan to the bank XULUM XLUM million liras appeared to be authorized.

We have learned that the CHP, MHP, GOOD Party and DP groups and the independent members use the rejection vote as in the case of the past debts.

The transportation company of the Metropolitan Municipality, BURULAŞ, has planned to use the 30 million TL loan for the complete renewal of Bursaray's signaling system.

It is said that the loan will be used for the purchase of a new signaling and software system that will reduce the Bursaray voyages from 7 to 2 minutes.

With the new borrowing decision of BURNAS 30 million pounds, there will be a new burden on the debt stock of Metropolitan Municipality.

In case the company cannot repay the loan, the municipality assumes the debt. Therefore, it is demanded to be a borrower and a guarantor from the Büyükşehir Municipality Council.

We asked the topic MHP Group Deputy Chairman Ihsan Bilgili. The related party confirmed that they used rejection votes because they were against new borrowings.

Metropolitan Municipality of 3,5 5 XNUMX cost of £ 1 million in new buses even for the use of credit bilgili Bilgili attention, they do not look at the new borrowing, as they themselves other party groups other than the AK Party Group President Aktas said they approached the demand for the use of credit.

It would seem that President Aktaş will be facing this approach of the opposition in every new debt file that will come to the agenda.

We can say that some explanations about the data of the financial table made hot after the change of management in Büyükşehir are effective.

Concepts such as new borrowing, credit, debt stock will continue to be mentioned alongside Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for a long time.

Source: İhsan Aydın - www.olay.com.t is



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