BURULAŞ, Hamdi Karahasan Ship on Sale

BURULAŞ, the transportation responsible enterprise of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, had some remarkable but income-free investments prior to Alinur Aktaş.

The new administration has decided to liquidate the unpaid BURULAŞ services and this decision is implemented step by step.

Reminding what these investments are in the corner, Olay Newspaper writer İhsan Aktaş writes that the queue has come to the Hamdi Karahasan ferry, which is waiting under the port of Mudanya.

We also asked General Manager Çapar about the price of the Akşemsettin Ship, which was withdrawn from İznik Lake and sold to a Marmaris based tourism company.

Capar said that the ship was purchased from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for 450 thousand TL, and they sold it because it was not interested and was idle.

Capar also announced that they sold the Akşemsettin Ship for 915 thousand liras.

Meanwhile, General Manager Çapar said that they have put the Hamdi Karahasan Ship, which was anchored in Mudanya Port and used for island and private tours, for sale.

Capar said that the ship was purchased from Istanbul City Lines for 250 thousand liras and that it costs BURULAŞ 60 thousand liras for every month it stayed at the port, and that they will return Hamdi Karahasan to Istanbul City Lines.

Capar said, “City Lines want the ship free of charge. Every year he stays at the port, BURULAŞ costs 700 thousand TL. If we cannot sell it, we will give it back to City Lines ”.

On the other hand, Çapar reminded that they sold one of the waterfowl planes whose flights were stopped, and that the other three had no customers yet, and that the monthly maintenance cost of these was 150 thousand lira to BURULAŞ.

Source: İhsan AYDIN ​​- www.olay.com.t is



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