Bursaray's Rotary Wagons TÜVASAŞ Passenger

In the first days of the new year, we announced the news of sales from these columns.

The Rotterdam wagons used by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the Kestel line for a long time have become customers.

Bursaray the operator to remove the Rotterdam wagon BURULAŞ the sale, the short name TÜVASAŞ, Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. in Sakarya. He aspired.

In order to meet Bursaray's wagon needs, they were removed from the system in the Netherlands, and Rotterdam wagons were considered as an urgent temporary solution.

The wagons purchased by the previous administration of the Metropolitan Municipality were revised and air conditioner was installed and integrated into the system.

Rail system vehicles, which the opposition defined as 'scrap wagons' that frequently malfunctioned and locked the system at that time, met the need for a long time in Bursaray's Kestel line.

DurmazlarAfter the Greencity wagons produced by the company became operational, those vehicles were taken to the warehouse in Bursaray's Business Maintenance Center.

We asked the General Manager of BURULAŞ Mehmet Kürşat Çapar for the latest situation of the Rotterdam wagons.

Capar explained that they put the wagons on the market on January 31, but no customers were found, only one scrap dealer offered a very low number for the 1982 model 24 Rotterdam wagons, and they did not give the vehicles.

Capar noted that now they are about to sell the same wagons to TÜVASAŞ.

Capturing a new metro set with the 4 vehicles will give TÜVASAŞ'ı Capar, said the talks on this issue continued.

If the sale is realized, BURULAŞ will own a 6-piece subway set worth 4 million dollars. General Manager Çapar stated that TÜVASAŞ plans to revise the same vehicles and use them in the rail system line of Erzincan Municipality.

In short, the wagons from the 80s will have served Erzincan after the Rotterdam line, after the Bursa line.

BURULAŞ had reduced the 8 Rotterdam wagons purchased for the 44-kilometer Kestel line to 24 and used the remaining 20 as spare parts.

Each of the wagons cost 125 thousand Euros.

Source: İhsan Aydın - www.olay.com.t is



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