Attention! Bukart Term Ends on Private Public Buses

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş and private public buses did not come to the conclusion of the meeting. After the meeting that lasted until late hours, private public buses, who gave information to Today in Bursa, said, “We will stop the card system and switch to the cash payment system as of April 1”.

Private public bus crisis in Bursa could not be overcome!

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and BURULAŞ officials held a meeting that lasted until late hours with private bus operators.

However, the long-standing crisis has not been resolved.

BURULAŞ General Manager Kürşat Çapar said, “The revenues of private public buses are below their expenses, they cannot earn money or make losses. The current electronic ticketing system has its weaknesses. Open to abuse. But we are not abusing. We will make it safer at the first opportunity. We are meeting with a few companies. ”Private public buses reminding the words:

“Although we have signed a protocol with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, BURULAŞ buses continue to operate on our routes by violating this. Although we demand damages that we have suffered due to contrary behavior, we have still not been paid. It was determined that the 20 lira cut made by BURULAŞ from each of our members unfairly was illegal by the court decision, but this figure was not paid to us. The electronic ticket system is also operated unauthorized by BURULAŞ. Despite the court decision, the fee collected under the name of vehicle suitability price was not returned to us. Our request to examine the security of the electronic card system with independent auditors was also not fulfilled. When the explanations and determinations made by the General Manager of BURULAŞ and the injustices we have experienced so far are evaluated together, it is obvious that we cannot continue public transport service under the electronic ticket system. I

Electronic tickets BUKART will not be valid in private public buses until a safe, auditable new generation electronic card system is created, unpaid costs, unconditionally paid to us, and the damages we suffer due to the violation of the protocol are calculated and paid to us. All boardings will be carried out with the "Cash fee payment system."

It has been learned that the text of this statement will be printed and put on buses.

Another private public bus driver who told reporters in Bursa that they were obliged to take this decision, said, “The municipality will not pay 2.10 before signing the contract, and in the transformation to the minibus, how many buses will be prepared in this plan, the transportation plan will be prepared in 3 months. They stated that it will prove that it will turn into a minibus and that the work will be prolonged and that no decision will come from this UKOME. These explanations formed the belief that the municipality's policy of stall will continue. For this reason, as of the decision we made in the meeting on 24.03.2018, we stop the card system as of 01.04.2018. We switch to the cash payment system ... ”




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