Freight Train Will Also Work Next To The High Speed ​​Train On The Bursa Railway Line

Only 4 days left for the big tender…
TCDD will make the superstructure tender in the Bursa-Yenişehir stage of the high-speed train line, the foundation of which was laid in Balat 6 years ago, and both infrastructure and superstructure tender in the Yenişehir-Osmaneli stage. There are also electronic systems within the scope of the tender.

In short…
The entire high-speed train line, which Bursa citizens have been waiting with longing and patience for years, will be tendered on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

No doubt…
The tender will be the most concrete step taken for the high speed train. The Yenişehir-Osmaneli stage is also reaching the construction stage. These are, of course, important and promising steps.

So what..
In addition to the high-speed train, freight train will also operate on the railway line to be built. It will bring the industrial zones in Anatolia to the port.

In the first place İlk
The freight train will be connected to Gemlik port by a line from Bursa. According to the project, there is the port of Bandırma in the next stage.

Although… We convey their developments through these pillars, but the freight train cannot be discussed sufficiently due to the focus of public interest on the high speed train.

For example…
At the Pass, a station for the freight train will be built in the immediate vicinity of the High Speed ​​Train Bursa Station, which will be built on the viaduct at the entrance to Balat from Mudanya Road.

To be more precise, a freight train station will be built on the edge of the stream after descending from the viaduct to the ground.

This is Bu
It means much greater density for the already busy vehicle traffic of the Mudanya Road and Passage.

What we want to say is:
Imagine that trucks trying to reach the freight train station enter the Passage crossing of the Mudanya Road, which swells up to 1050 Houses in summer, does not allow passage on Sundays in winter, and is blocked in the morning and evening hours regardless of the season. Even his thinking is terrible.

Come see Gelin
Even his thoughts are terrible, that traffic density will soon become Bursa's problem.

He is in danger…
As the readers of these columns will recall, on October 28, 2017, we tried to draw attention to the danger of truck traffic awaiting the Mudanya Road.

Extending Bursaray to Balat will solve the passenger transportation problem, but trucks will be the nightmare of the road.

If there is no intervention at the last minute, Bursa will experience this nightmare, and then it will try to find a solution through the Metropolitan Municipality.

We found it useful to remind once more 4 days before the tender.

The most suitable place on the freight train is TEKNOSAB

What appears is this: When the trucks going to the freight train station enter, the Mudanya Road, which has already been blocked for four seasons at the Passage pass, will be completely bankrupt.

There is only one plausible way to prevent this.

Move the freight train station a little further and make it near TEKNOSAB. Thus, TEKNOSAB, Leather OSB, Textile OSB and even KOTİYAK transportation is relieved.

Trucks leaving Bursa OIZ can also enter the highway from the junction in front of the City Hospital and reach the station. Although the roads are a little longer, it can be avoided without a major traffic problem.

Will the viaduct construction be finished by summer?

TCDD started to work by narrowing the road at the entrance of Geçit-Balat to Mudanya Road in October for the construction of the viaduct, and for this reason, there has been a special congestion when leaving the Geçit for 6 months.

Those who use the road are hoping that the viaduct legs reach the roadside, but if the works are not completed until the summer months, they are already worried about the greater trouble that will be experienced on the narrowing road.

I wonder if the work on the road ends by the summer?

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