President Steel 2018 Will Be Public Transportation Year

Kayseri Mayor Mustafa Celik, 2018 will be a year of significant investments in public transportation, he said. President Steel, the new vehicles received last year, the transportation of the rail system has become much more comfortable, and this year will continue to support the mass transportation of new buses, he said.

2017 was announced as the Year of Transportation, and from many intersections to new roads, intersection arrangements and road expansions. Mayor Mustafa Çelik started 2018 as a year of transportation investments as well as public transportation investments.

Metropolitan Mayor Steel, until the end of the year will contribute to mass transportation will be implemented many studies, he said. In addition to the buses that the Metropolitan Municipality will take, the tradesmen will take the bus, and the President said, yan We are working on the arrangement of public transportation lines. We will determine new lines and we will ensure a much more serial transportation. We'il also get new buses. In addition to the buses we will add and renew to our fleet, new public vehicles will be purchased under the roof of the cooperative established by private public bus tradesmen. We will also purchase 10 18 meters and 8 25 meters electric buses to provide access to the Regional Hospital following Bekir Yildiz Boulevard. We are very soon in the tender for electric buses. 37 million last year by rail system, 381 613 89 line by bus, 126 million passengers, including approximately 126 million passengers. We will increase the ride comfort of the passenger who will pass the XNUMX million with new works and new vehicles. I express the assertion that Turkey will be the most comfortable by far the Kayseri province deficit in the public transport. Our citizens will live up to the end of the year will live a great comfort in the future, '' he said.



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