Mayor Aktas Wants To Build The Basis Of Lightning In 2019

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who has completed his five months in office, was a guest of Olay's İçinden program on Olay TV.

One of the two problems he spent on working the most with President Aktaş was with transportation.

We talked with Aktaş for 50 minutes, from the transformation problem of the city to transportation, from municipal companies to financial structure.

The most prominent one among the speeches of President Aktaş was the statements regarding the foundation of Yıldırım Metro.

He said that feasibility studies were carried out on the existing commoner project with the teams of the General Directorate of Highways and the General Directorate of Infrastructure, and he dreamed of carrying out the tender of the 6,2-kilometer line smoothly until the next local election and hitting the digging.

Aktaş, who said “The real golden hit in transportation is for 2019 and beyond”, explained that they prepared the road map of Bursa in transportation together with Boğaziçi Danışmanlık.

Aktaş's emphasis on Yıldırım Metro was important.

Because this issue has been chasing for a long time.

The previous administration could not find financial support from Ankara.

In a way, Aktaş Bursalılara gave the gospel in the Inside of Olay.

Uz Hopefully, we would like to realize the tender of Yıldırım Metro, which our heart desires, without any problems, and to lay its foundation until the election.

“Of course, we also asked Mayor Aktaş where he would find the source for Yıldırım and the planned Osmangazi Metro.

Because; It was known that before Mr. Aktaş was elected and after he took office, there were not many positive signals from Ankara regarding the provision of funds to Yıldırım Metro.

Aktaş also clarified it.

He pointed out that Yıldırım Metro can be built with the own resources of the Metropolitan Municipality, external finance or build-operate-transfer model.

He emphasized that the 7-kilometer Osmangazi Metro, which he defined as the second leg, could be built later.

Mayor Aktaş will be in Ankara today.

We do not know if there will be positive news from his contacts in Ankara, but we see it as an important statement that Aktaş announced that Yıldırım Metro will start before the 2019 elections.

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