Automotive Sector Breaks All Time Export Record in February

📩 20/12/2018 18:17

The top leader of Turkey's export sector, the automotive industry has signed a new record 12 years. In February, 26 increased its 2,8 billion dollars and recorded an all-time record on a monthly basis in February, compared to the same month last year.

According to the data of Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OİB), the automotive sector, which made 26 billion dollars export in February with an increase of approximately 2,8 compared to the same month of the previous year, broke the all-time export record on a monthly basis. 22 percent share of the sector, which Turkey exports, so more than one-fifth of total exports alone made.

Evaluation by goods groups

In February, "Automotive Supply Industry" exports increased by 28 percent and reached 937 million dollars, exports of "Passenger Cars" increased by 15 percent to 1 billion 69 million dollars in February, and exports of "Motor Vehicles for Transportation" increased by 50,5 percent to 578 million dollars and " Bus-Minibus-Midibus ”exports also increased by 4 percent to $ 131 million.

Exports to Germany, the country with the highest exports in the automotive supply industry, increased by 21 percent. Exports increased by 22 percent to France, 23 percent to Italy, 39 percent to Romania, 29 percent to the UK and 42 percent to the USA.

Exports to Italy, the country with the highest exports in passenger cars, increased by 38 percent. While exports increased by 58 percent to Belgium, 152 percent to Slovenia and 26 percent to Poland, exports to Germany decreased by 13 percent.

Increased 51 percent in exports to the UK, which is the most exported country in motor vehicles for goods, 46 percent in France, 57 percent in Slovenia, 163 percent in Germany, 71 percent in the Netherlands and 100 percent in Spain. .

In the Bus-Minibus-Midibus product group, the most exported country was Germany, with an increase of 37 percent, while exports to France, another important market, dropped 59 percent.

Exports to Germany increased by 22 percent in February

In February, exports to Germany, the largest market by country, increased by 22 percent to $ 409 million. February exports amounted to 24 million dollars with a 320 percent increase to the second market, Italy and 21 million dollars with a 280 percent increase to the third market.

Exports to the USA fell 12 percent in February, with an increase of 19 percent in France, 34 percent in Spain, 91 percent in Belgium, 35 percent in Slovenia, 36 percent in Poland, and 7 percent in the Netherlands. .

On the basis of the country group, the exports to the European Union countries were 26 billion dollars with an increase of 2,2. EU countries received 79 shares from exports. In the second month of the year, 20 increased the number of Middle Eastern countries between the alternative markets, while the African countries increased their exports by 56.

“Exports to EU countries increased by 26 percent in February”

Reminding that the previous record was on a monthly basis in March last year, OIB Chairman of the Board of Directors Orhan Sabuncu said, “Automotive exports, which declined in January 2016, have been increasing for the last 25 months since then”.

Noting that the high rate of increase of up to 50 percent in the exports of February in the "Automotive Side Industry" and "Motor Vehicles for Transport of Goods" product groups was the main determinant, "exports to EU countries increased by 26 percent in February, There were high rate of increases, ”he said.

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