Ankara-Sivas YHT Line to Open When Service

Arslan: çalışıy Thousand 870 kilometers high speed train, 290 mileage speed train, 807 kilometers are working on conventional line. Bin 318 continues the tender processes of the kilometer road. We have 6 thousand 200 kilometers railway project in project phase. We are doing 15 thousand 500 kilometers construction, tender and project work. Toplam

Sivas-Yerköy infrastructure work is completed between the Sivas-Ankara high-speed rail railway line in the first rail line in the town of Yerköy 25 March 2018 was held with a ceremony.

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ; Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz, UDHB Undersecretary Suat Hayri Aka, Deputy Undersecretary of UDHB Orhan Birdal, General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın, TCDD Transport General Manager Veysi Kurt and deputies, mayors, governors, bureaucrats, press members and a large number of citizens attended.

"Turkey can reach a head start, we did reach"

Minister Arslan, in his speech at the ceremony, Turkey can reach a deal a beginning, expressed that they make reach, "In doing so, deformation, Yozgat, Sivas high speed train to attain, we start saying the project." He said. Emphasizing that they have taken very important responsibilities in order to serve the nation, Arslan said that they have fulfilled their duties with this awareness.

“We do construction, tender and project work for 15 kilometers”

Arslan, from 2002 to 2016, 805 kilometers, that is, an average of 134 kilometers of railways per year, said, “The amount of railway currently under construction is about 4 thousand kilometers. We work at 3 thousand 967 kilometers. If we were to finish in 4 years, we would have done an average of a thousand kilometers a year. Between 1950 and 2003, we built 52 kilometers of railways in 945 years, and a thousand kilometers of railways per year in their 15-year rule. This country has become the leading country in terms of the countries that use and operate high speed trains in the world. ”

Stating that the roads are also signaled and electrified, Arslan emphasized that the 11 thousand 395 kilometer of the 10 bin was renewed and modernized.

”We meet our Ray needs in our country“

Arslan, previously abroad has become Turkey's produces rail track area in Karabük said and quoted the following:

“We have also met the rail needs of our country from our country. This is another indicator of our satisfaction. While doing these, we are working on a thousand 870 kilometers of high-speed train line, we are working on a thousand 290 kilometers of high-speed train line. We work on 807 kilometers of conventional lines. These are new studies. The tender processes of one thousand 318 kilometers of roads continue. We have 6 thousand 200 kilometers of railway work in the project phase. We carry out a total of 15 kilometers of construction, tender and project work. The railway that our country has in 500 years has been 80 thousand kilometers, 11 thousand kilometers since we came to power. You compare it. ”

”We will open the Ankara-Sivas YHT line at 2019“

Stating that the high-speed train serves between Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya and Istanbul, Arslan said that they will finish Konya-Karaman this year and put it into service, and then they will finish the works in Ankara-Kırıkkale-Yozgat-Sivas and start the tests next year. and underlined that they aim to complete the tests in 2,5-3 months and put them into service in 2019.

”Yozgatlı, Kırıkkaleli and Sivas will be able to go by high-speed train to Europe“

Arslan is Istanbul-Europe HalkalıPointing out that the tender processes of the Kapikule line continue, he said, "When we do that, Yozgatli, Sivasli, Kirikkaleli will be able to go to Europe by high-speed train from here."

Arslan, who said that the construction of the Ankara-Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar-İzmir line is under construction and that this line will be completed in 2020, will take the fast train to Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars and use the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line to reach Central Asia. He noted that it is possible to go to China by train.

“Between Ankara and Sivas will be 2 hours”

Minister Arslan stated that 29 million cubic meters of 25 million cubic meters of filling in the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line has been completed and high-speed train stations will be located in Elmadağ, Kırıkkale, Yerköy, Yozgat, Sorgun, Akdağmadeni, Yıldızeli and Sivas. Arslan continued, “Travel times are one hour from Ankara to Yozgat, one hour from Yozgat to Sivas, ie two hours from Sivas-Yozgat-Ankara, and 3,5 hours from Ankara to Istanbul. Sivaslı will be able to go to Istanbul in 5,5 hours. Yozgatlı will be able to go to Istanbul in 4,5 hours. In the past, these were not imagined. We were going from Yozgat to Ankara in 5 hours, now we will go from Yozgat to Istanbul in 4,5 hours. The cost of the project is about 9 billion liras. ”

”Ankara-Sivas YHT line 405 km“

Indicating that the length of the project is 393 kilometers, Arslan said that the total length of the project was 405 kilometers from Ankara to Sivas with the inclusion of Başkentray.

Arslan, 66 km long 49 tunnel in this line, 54 kilometer of the completion of the 28 mile length 52 viaduct, 609 bridge-culvert, 216 sub-overpass, 108 million cubic meters of million cubic meters of 100 million cubic meters of the completion of the completed.

After the speeches, Bozdag, Arslan and Yilmaz; he laid the first rail on the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line.

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