Agri Railway

Agri Railway
Agri Railway

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman Harun Karaca, the railroad from time to time in the comments about the railroad found.

In a statement made by Ağrı Development Association President Ömer Yıldız on social media, AK Party Vice President Harun Karaca, in charge of NGOs, said that he answered the problems they posed. Pointing out that they asked questions about Tutak road and railways on which the works are ongoing, Yıldız said, “Mr. President answered our questions. One good and one bad result came. I hope the problems of Ağrı will be solved as soon as possible and we will continue to be a follower of these issues ”. Yıldız shared the following words from AK Party Chairman Harun Karaca, “Ak Party Deputy Chairman Harun Karaca answered our questions in the following way.

Railways are formed by corridor approach in our country. the corridors, the integrity of the country rail network, the potential of cargo and passenger, their connection with international networks and the availability of topography. In this context, the state of pain will be evaluated in the future.

Within the scope of Ağrı-Hamur-Tutak-Patnos (DAP) investment program, 2017 km of divided road has been built between Hamur-Tutak-Patnos as of the end of 64. Work continues for the 11 km part. It is aimed to complete the works in November 2018.

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