Minister Arslan: "We Make Our Highways Smart"

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that they have started to prepare the 2018-2020 Action Plan of the Ministry and came to the final stage. to create an environmentally friendly, value-added and sustainable smart transportation network. ” said.

Minister Arslan, in his speech at the 2nd Ordinary General Assembly and Award Ceremony of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Association (AUSDER) held in Ankara Hotel, said that the developments in the world have accelerated and even the slightest delay or stumbling can cause it to fall behind.

Arslan pointed out that the societies that cannot keep up with the development and change at a dizzying pace had to take their place among the underdeveloped countries and that today's levels of development are directly proportional to the access infrastructure.

Arslan, Turkey's information is locked to the goal of becoming a society and a planned-programmed manner, stressing that continued on his way, the last 15 years in Turkey quickly voiced closer to their knowledge the goal of becoming a society of developments in information technology.

When compared with Western countries, Turkey, Arslan called attention to that at the beginning of the 2000s even read the ESA computing, he continued:

“Now we have become a country with one of the best infrastructures in the world. Our fiber infrastructure length has exceeded 325 thousand kilometers. While our international internet output capacity was 20 gigabytes, it increased by 477 times to 9,3 terabytes. Again, one of the world's fastest 4,5 g communications infrastructure was established in Turkey. We implemented the legal regulations that will pave the way for the industry. We act with industry stakeholders in every step towards the sector. Taxes were lowered, and arrangements were made for right of way and facility sharing to expand and accelerate fiber investment. We are currently working on additional regulations as needed. "

All the tools and equipment used in the development of the information infrastructure that is becoming wise Arslan, thus making mistakes and accidents will occur in the rate of occurrence, he said.

"Our mission is to create a sustainable smart transportation network"

Arslan stated that the Ministry has started to prepare the 2018-2020 Action Plan and that they have reached the last stage of the project. reported that a smart transportation network is set up.

Arslan stated that they have to provide data sharing and security while developing the smart transportation systems infrastructure and stated that they will form a structure that can be used in all modes of transportation independent of vehicle and city with the national Single Card Payment System for public transportation.

Arslan stated that they prepared the Highway Network Intelligent Transportation Systems Architecture Draft and the Implementation Plan, taking into account the road network and the interfaces of this network with other modes of transport in smart transportation systems, and with the traffic safety studies carried out on divided roads in line with the plan, 2003 accident black points in 2017-388 and noted that they are doing improvement work in areas with high accident potential.

Arslan pointed out that in order to increase the traffic safety of the intersections where approximately 70 percent of the accidents occurred, they made all the necessary arrangements, especially the main corridors, and said that they have expanded the green wave applications that provide constant speed passes at the signalized intersections that follow each other.

"We are applying the forgiving road practices successfully"

Arslan underlined that they have successfully implemented the road applications in the developed countries, speed management, the regulation of the geometric standards of roads, the application of energy damping systems in the guardrails (the system of intensity reduction by absorbing the energy that will occur at the time of a collision), the return of the vehicles to the road and the urgent return he said the escape ramps were the main areas of application for the forgiving road system.

299 million square meters of horizontal marking, 2 million square meters of vertical marking and 23 thousand 622 automobile automobile railings are manufactured by attaching importance to horizontal and vertical marking, Arslan said.

Arslan pointed out that they established Europe's most modern and state-of-the-art vehicle inspection stations and said, “Today, a total of 205 fixed, 76 mobile, 5 motorcycle and 19 tractor inspections are under the supervision of our Ministry. Approximately 305 million vehicles are given inspection services annually with 9 stations. he spoke.

Reminding that they have put into use the Fast Pass System (HGS), a passive labeled pass system that reduces costs in automatic toll systems (OGS), Arslan stated that they attach importance to the installation of a Free Toll Collection System on bridges and highways.

Arslan pointed out that there are nearly 11 million subscribers in automatic transit systems, of which approximately 13 million are HGS, and said that they have made highways much smarter with 15 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable to make them one of the best smart transportation systems in Europe. Emphasizing that they have planned a total of 4 kilometers from Kayseri to Antalya, from Samsun to Aydın, from Edirne to Kahramanmaraş, Arslan said:

“We started the pilot implementation of our 3-cut project in Antalya, in a section of 515 kilometers. As part of the pilot project, we will complete the fiber infrastructure at the end of the year. The process continues in the tender for the consultancy service for the establishment of smart transportation systems on the corridor covering this section. We are planning to make the tender for the entire section of 3 thousand 672 kilometers in the coming days. "

"It's important to make cities smart, too"

After the completion of the fiber infrastructure, Arslan said that after the completion of the fiber infrastructure, the tender for the first section of the 515 cameras, variable message transmitters, meteorological stations, high-speed transportation components such as highways traffic radio will be made next year.

The infrastructure to be established, which will be used for the autonomous or driverless vehicles planned to be used in the future, voicing Arslan said that they aim to have smart ways to reduce the role of the people and provide support for issues such as direction to vehicles and accident prevention.

Arslan pointed out that it is important to make cities smart, and that they aim to make transportation, health, safety, energy and environment friendly applications interact with each other in order to provide fast, high quality smart city services to the citizen.

While making roads and cities smarter, underlining that systems and technology have been developed without ignoring the rapid development of these systems, Arslan said that people, vehicles and equipment, roads, cities, smart people, people and humanity are all desirable.

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