Konak Tram Line has been taken for high voltage

Life safety was ignored at some points in the high-voltage line that will provide energy to Konak Tramway. Egeli Sabah, metropolitan municipality took the necessary measures when the issue brought up

In the Konak Tramway Project, which was implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to solve the transportation problem in the city center, the wire was drawn to the catheter system where the wagons will receive energy on the route where the construction of the line ends. While completing the wire drawing process of the Konak Tramway, it was confusing that the wires that were pulled through, at the pedestrian overpass in front of the Göztepe Ferry Pier, at the pedestrian overpass in front of the Konak Pier Shopping Center, and also at the crossroad junction crossings in Konak, by crossing the pedestrian and vehicle overpasses. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality announced to the kataner system, where the wagons will receive energy by passing on the written and visual press organs, as of January 26, electrical energy will be supplied. Egeli Sabah warned pedestrians against the undesired situations that may occur in pedestrian overpasses, with the news he brought to the agenda of the city with the title of 'No measures too much' on January 25, and asked the authorities to take precautions.

Sabah Newspaper news on the action taken by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, thousands of people used in front of the pedestrian overpass in front of the Konak Pier and the pedestrian bridge in front of the Göztepe ferry took measures. While the parts of the pedestrian bridge that the catheter system touches are covered with rubber-type material, a wire protection wall was pulled to the pedestrian overpass to prevent citizens from accessing the electrically charged wires. In this way, especially in rainy weather possible electric shocks may be prevented.

Source: ERTAN GÜRCANER - http://www.sabah.com.tr



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