Remarkable Proposal for Trabzon - Erzincan Railway Project

A remarkable proposal came from the Trabzon City Council President Mustafa Yaylalı to the surrounding provinces criticizing the Trabzon - Erzincan Railway. Yaylalı said, “If we are thinking of the railroad for passenger transportation other than freight transportation, let's start this Samsun Sarp together. Let us make a combined project of our light rail systems, let each city make its own light rail system, and the rail system will already come. ”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday in Trabzon Ak Parti 6. At the Ordinary Congress, once again, there were noteworthy remarks from Mustafa Yaylalı, the President of the City Council about the Trabzon - Erzincan Railway Project. Trabzon - Erzincan railway is now a very important stage that expresses the Yaylalı, the railway to be added to the city should be planned already pointed out.

At this point, Trabzon to be ready for the preparation of the railway already expressing the start of the Yaylalı, this project is shown as an alternative to the Samsun - Sarp Railway, göster If we think of freight forwarding, except for freight transport, we start Samsun Sarp together. Let us do a combined project with our light rail systems, every city will have its own light rail system already come with rail system. There's no point in pressing this down. Samsun - Sarp, Trabzon - Erzincan is not right, this is not right to say that alternative to the alternative, '' he said.

Trabzon City Council Chairman, and also among the members of Trabzon - Erzincan Railway Platform, Mustafa Yaylalı, 61saat'e attracted attention. Trabzon Trabzon, Erzincan Railway will take a very important stage with the attention of the plateau Yaylalı, ece Trabzon Erzincan railway has now reached a very important stage. We have to plan what they will add to the city. Trabzon - Erzincan Railway and Trabzon trade will be a very important stage. How much are we ready to plan? We're not ready! Trabzon has a port, can it use the capacity of the harbor? can not use. The rest of the port is planned accordingly .. When the railway is connected to the port will surely come. Arsin Investment Island is being built, the railway must be connected there. Together they can bring the city trade to such a point that, from a commercial point of view, Trabzon may well exceed its importance. Trabzon, a very important opportunity to come to the door and I wonder if it is a city waiting.

Stating that World Trade will change the axle in the next 50 years, Yaylalı said, “The whole world knows it. He knows the Republic of Turkey, the state knows it. World trade is shaped as follows; Production area, consumption area… Production area and consumption area will be replaced in the next 50 years. 50 percent of the production will be in Asian countries, which we define as Asian Five. China is doing this by reading this .. It is doing what is necessary for the next projection. He has created a generation road project, he has created studies about him. After 50 years, the production center of the world will be India. So 50 years later, China and India will compete with each other in the world. In terms of production and sales of production… 50 percent of its consumption will be in Europe and North Africa. North Africa is now becoming that consumer society. In terms of trade, moving activity is a very important added value between production and consumption. China is working on this. European countries are trying to take action against this. But they also accept that they will become a consumer society. They are turning to agriculture, trying to develop elements that will be self-sufficient. ” 50 YEARS

Yaylalı continued his words as follows: “There is a way you look. There is Trans Siberian Railway. Covering most of China's trade. It goes through Russia. If there is any problem with Russia, China cannot use it. He closes the line. When he could not use it, China started looking for alternatives this time. Because after 50 years there will be serious problems. What did China do? I make railroads. Look, China made the line in Pakistan itself. Turkey, with the Marmaray railway line in 3 Bridge made so that a complete transaction, east China's trains can reach London. A continuous line has occurred. There were demands for the production of the Caspian basin, Turkey, he made one of the most important strategic projects abroad. A very important investment. We built the Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Railway and it was opened. The production of the Caspian basin came to this line. Looking at you, a very important place in the field of production and consumption is very important and forward-looking investments, making Turkey. This line passes 180 km south of us. China is doing something else. It also tries to diversify the sea route. It opens to the Mediterranean using the Suez Canal. It is trying to open north through the Mediterranean. If there is any problem in the Suez Canal, the sea road locks. Is there an alternative? No… There are two alternatives to this. Someone is now opening a channel in Israel. This channel may work, but this space needs alternatives in such a situation. Now the Persian Gulf is being studied. Now our Trabzon - Erzincan Railway project is not only Trabzon - Erzincan. Trabzon, Erzincan, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Iraqi Border, Baghdad and Basra… A line that can be reached directly here. Ours will be one of the 3 alternatives in case of a crisis in production and consumption transportation. ”

Turkey's marketed products produced in areas where that gap is dikkatç additional Yaylalý Europe and Russia, "Turkey in agricultural production since the South Eastern Anatolia Project has made significant investments. The areas where the production in this GAP is marketed are Europe and Russia, northern countries. An important point on this line will be Trabzon. Connecting Trabzon by rail to Diyarbakır will bring an important trade to Trabzon. Ukrainian ports are trying to trade with Trabzon. Looking at how we develop trade. The reason is this. The coming of the railway…

The railway, unfortunately, awakens the least excitement in Trabzon. We went to Erzincan, they were more excited than us. Because they need a harbor. We have expressed very clearly in our presentation there. We need a port, we need an intersection. Now we are working with Erzincan. Trabzon Erzincan Railway is a project that will bring Trabzon to a very important point on a world scale. Where are we going to be such a big city? We have to make a plan worthy of such a big city. Trabzon plan to do this.Rize, Giresun, Ordu, Artvin should be ready to say should you Gir he said.

Trabzon - Erzincan railway as an alternative to the Samsun-Sarp Railroad speaking about the Yaylalı speaking, one of the ports in parallel with the railway connection drew attention to the right to connect. Yaylalı, ilgili Weighted Samsun Sarp Railway are dealing with. You have taken the production of the Caspian Basin from the south. You're looking at the whole railway zone in Samsun. Hat Samsun will be connected to Sivas. A line around 400 km. Samsun will come to this region. In terms of freight transport. Is it necessary to do this, or should we connect to 180 km south?

Hopa Batumi Railway is a project with a rantab and should be done very quickly. But it's not wise to stretch this way. If we are considering freight forwarding for freight forwarders, we should start Samsun Sarp together. Let us do a combined project with our light rail systems, every city will have its own light rail system already come with rail system. There's no point in pressing this down. Samsun - Sarp, Trabzon - Erzincan, not the alternative of this place is not right to say.

See the transportation distance of Trabzon from Samsun. When there is a rail system, this transportation distance will not fall down. Because we think it is only one stop. He will not get up from Samsun and stop in Trabzon. Calculate the stop-and-go acceleration time in all breaks, the travel time will not be as short as expected. But we have to make our light rail systems in the city.

The same as Trabzon Erzincan, Ordu - Sivas Railway Project. All of these ports have a project to connect one by one to the south. There are such projects, Böyle he said.

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  2. Hocam Batumi-Trabzon-Samsun-Istanbul WORK ON THE SEAWAY. Ocean ferries are not affected by any black sea wave.