Mediterranean Economic Forum Ended

This year the first Mediterranean Economy Forum in Mersin ended. ”From the Historical Cities to the Present“, the Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Burhanettin Kocamaz said Başkan Mersin continues to be the center of attraction in history Forum.

Mersin, Adana, Kayseri, Hatay, Karaman and Osmaniye provinces on the second and last day of the international forum chain Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz Mersin made a presentation of the services made to Mersin.

Mersin Presentation only for Turkey, but the world also began President Kocamaz noting that one of the most important settlements, "because it is located in a warm climate of the Mediterranean and is of strategic importance until really today from the depths of history has hosted many civilizations. It is still the center of attraction in history. Population is growing in the world but when we look at population growth in Mersin, there is a geometric increase. There was a warped development. The construction of the harbor in Mersin increased the attractiveness of Mersin. In such a city, the population 40 has doubled to 30 a year. The shuddering occurred very intensely. For this reason, the most important problem of Mersin in the years of research is revealed as employment la.

“We find it difficult to produce new areas to invest“

Mersin, Turkey's most forests and agricultural areas in a province that promises to add President Kocamaz that are difficult to invest because, "xnumx'l year will pave the way Mersin for employment when it comes to investments made with you thought the industry was investigated. And the first organized industrial zone was built in Tarsus. Then new demands could not be answered. People want to invest in the region where the logistics opportunities increased with the privatization of the port. But we are struggling to produce new areas to invest in, Ama he said.

”We are working hard for Mersin“

The meeting was held many times about the future of Mersin, but the problems of the municipality alone, it is difficult to catch up with President Kocamaz, mes Mersin must be the city of agriculture, the city should be an industrial city or there should be tourism city. We must be all of them since the first day, but we are engaged in a very intense effort with the idea that we must 'uncover the cultural values ​​that have come from the depths of history'. We need to complete the infrastructure of Mersin. Because the ground water is polluting. In such an environment, we must protect the environment on the one hand, and on the one hand, we must live in a healthy environment. In this city we have to direct the future of the city by drawing certain projections. This alone is difficult for the municipality to think and do. We have to do this with the stakeholders of this city. We made meetings about this and presented these projects Bun.

İstanbul We serve a large area, yaş President Kocamaz underlined,. We serve a large area, but the income that the state gives us is very limited except for the extra resources. Istanbul's real income is our 800 floor. We have to deal with many problems in Mersin. We have made the Transportation Master Plan for the traffic problem. Mersin in the rain is flooding. The streams are unfortunately occupied. We all have to catch up. If we are going to make tourism city, we need to clean our seas. The sea shore had to be left blank. He said that he had been misleading because of the wrong practices made in the past. Geçmişte

“We see everyone living in the city as equal“

A short assessment of the services they provided for Mersin, President Kocamaz said, amaz Apart from Mersin and Erdemli, there was no treatment facility. Consequently, we started 8 treatment facilities, five of which were from scratch and three of them were increased by capacity. Since there is not enough drinking water supply in each of our settlements, we have to produce solutions for them. I have been forced by the 20 from the past for years. We have paved our 3 5 km road network in the 500 year since we took office. We tried to take drinking water to places where there is no drinking water. In addition, we are making projects to train our farmers to open the way for our producers. We want to relieve the farmer by giving pipes to the lands where waterless agriculture is done. We are obliged to see and embrace everyone who lives in the city equally. Kent

Sustainable Innovative Agriculture and Food, Industry 4.0 Industrial Revolution and Technological Developments, Destination: Eastern Mediterranean, From Historic Cities to the Present Forum - Sessions titled “From Mediterranean Blue to Livable Green Cities” were held.

In the last session, a brief summary of President Kocamaz's services to Mersin was presented and the mayors of Adana, Kayseri and Hatay Metropolitan Municipality and Mayors of Karaman and Osmaniye made presentations.

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