Excavation Begins at İzmir's Longest Tunnel

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started to dig the bağla longest highway tunnel of the city ede which has a critical role in the giant project that will connect Buca to the Bus Station. 183 million pounds ”express way“ project, which also includes viaducts and highway crossings, will ease the connection of Konak-Buca-Bornova.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu initiated the daki deep double tube tunnel oğlu excavation project of 183 million pounds daki express way milyon project which will connect Homeros Boulevard in Buca to the bus station in Bornova. Mayor Kocaoglu, Izmir's longest tunnel, viaduct and highway crossings of a total of 7 kilometers of the Konak-Buca-Bornova connection to provide an important transportation investment, he said.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously made the expropriation of 75.5 million pounds for the Homer Boulevard part, has carried out 26 million pounds for the Buca Tunnel and 10 for the viaducts. Thanks to this project, the vehicles that will pass the una longest highway tunnel in the city ulaşabil of 2.5 kilometers will be able to reach the bus station and the ring road without going through heavy traffic.

Tunnel, viaduct and 35 meter road
The giant investment, which is the continuation of Homer Boulevard (Flying Road), which was put into service by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in recent years, and which provides uninterrupted access to Izmir Bus Terminal, has started fast, including deep double tube tunnel-viaduct-under / overpass and road construction. . The Metropolitan Municipality, which established two construction sites, one in Buca and the other in Altındağ, total 206 bored piles in the exit (Altındağ) section of the tunnel. 3 overlay was performed on the tunnel. In the tunnel entrance (Buca) section, the construction of the foot bridge of the highway bridge, which will provide connection with Onat Street, is completed and the concrete works are about to end. In the entrance section, the excavation works are started in the double tunnel.

Within the scope of the project, which aims to ensure uninterrupted transportation between Buca-Bornova, 2.5 will be equipped with double tube deep tunnel, 280 and 920 meters with two viaducts, at the intersection of Kemalpaşa Street and Kamil Tunca Boulevard.

35 meters wide (3 departure-3 arrival), with a new route that will serve as a total six lanes Çamlık, Moonlight, Ismetpasa, Ufuk, Ferahli, Ulubatli, Mehmet Akif, Respect, Atamer, Çınartepe, Center, Victory, Unity, Koşukavak, Çamkule , Meric, Yesilova and Karacaoglan neighborhoods will be overcome from Bornova Kemalpasa Street to the bus terminal. 7 viaduct-2 sub-passage-2 overpass and road arrangements cost 1 million TL with the tunnel to be built on the 183 kilometer.

The deep double tube tunnel of 2.5 kilometers, which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to open between Buca Ufuk District and Bornova Çamkule, is also the Mah longest road tunnel that is all within the city limits İzmir. Bayraklı 1 Tunnel 320 meters, Konak Tunnel 1674 meters and Flag 2 Tunnel is 1865 meters long.

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