Hyperloop One Locomotive with 1.200 Kilometers per hour Introduced

Virgin, which started the Hyperloop service in Dubai, introduced the 'locomotive' prototype that will transport passengers at a speed of 1.200 kilometers per hour.

The development of technology, as well as the means of communication, provides for great changes in the means of transportation. Not so many people 50-60 years ago, many people who do not have a motorized vehicle, going from one city to another for days on the backs of animals or weeks on their feet were traveling. Technology first made the trains and then the buses and finally the planes as the main means of transportation. Today, technology is influencing the development of all three means of transportation.

Dividing high oil and tourism revenues into technological investments, Dubai will soon take a big step in the field of public transportation with the Hyperloop it will put into service. The 'locomotive' to be installed in this warm Arab country will enable the 87-kilometer Abu Dhabi journey to be made in 12 minutes. This distance takes 90 minutes with a personal vehicle within the framework of 'speed limits'.

Dubai's Road Transport Authority (RTA), which wants 2030 percent of all journeys to be driverless by 25, introduced the Hyperloop design to the public as part of the Innovation Month events organized by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The interior drew attention as much as the fast journey that the design would make. Designed with leather seats and high-resolution screens, Hyperloop 'locomotive' made the future seem like today. Each 'locomotive' is designed for short and medium distance travels and has a maximum passenger capacity of 10.

Virgin Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd said in a statement that the UAE and RTA are the first supporters of Hyperloop technology, their focus in 2018 is on the transition to the next phase of the project and their ultimate goal is to build a wider UAE Hyperloop network. Richard Branson announced a similar project for Mumbai a few days ago.

When the Hyperloop project is completed, it is expected to carry 10.000 passengers per hour in both directions.

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