How to make 9 Billion Account in Ankara-Sivas YHT

For the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project, which was announced to reduce the Ankara-Sivas voyage to two hours, the ate ray laying ğ ceremony was held the day before.

According to the article of Çiğdem Toker from Cumhuriyet, in the news photos about the ceremony held in Yozgat-Yerköy, one of the stations on the line, Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan, Yozgat Deputy Prime Minister B. Bozdağ, Sivaslı Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz, neon color suitable for the spirit of the ceremony seen in construction clothes.

Ankara-Kırıkkale-Yozgat-Sivas line is 393 km long. When the capitalRay is included, 405 will increase to km. Transport Minister Arslan, the project ended when the Sivas XnumX, Yozgatlının 5.5 hour in Istanbul could go to the beginning of heralds. The economic size of the project was announced as 4.5 billion TL.

Is the cost increase included?

When you take a look at the ceremonial news about an ambitious project that is as important as the three ministers will attend, the basic elements that should be included in this mass news are either absent or transgressed:

Minister Arslan's 9 billion hes economic size X is a total of which was calculated according to the account? Is this a size that has not changed since the first planned, or has there been an increase in costs due to unexplained reasons? How much?

What are the components of HRC, each of which is calculated at different bidding and cost? What is the cost of which part of the line?
They don't exist. Moreover, in this serious investment report financed from the budget, there is no information to be required due to the minimum elements of journalism:

11 will reduce the hour trip to two hours, which companies, who do this important project? Which auctions, when, how many TL offer?

Despite the fact that he has propagated quite a bit of data about the project, propagating YHT investments as a politician, Minister Arslan did not mention the companies undertaking the Ankara-Sivas YHT project. Or the name of Kolin, Limak, Cengiz, Mapa, Dogus, China, for some reason we did not know, but did not appear in the news.

You will understand that there is a strange ağ anonymity ”going.


Let's make a few reminders.

The first project of the project, 2004; The beginning of the tender is 2008.

(It is aimed to complete Ankara-Sivas YHT in 2019 as well as some other transportation projects with a high quality).

Ankara-Sivas YHT's first stage of the Yerköy-Sivas tender with the lowest bid of $ 839 million Chine Major-Cengiz-Limak-Kolin consortium gave.

Kolin Construction won the tender for the completion of the infrastructure in Kırıkkale-Yerköy with a bid of 247.7 million TL.

The second stage of the Kırıkkale-Yerköy tender for the 398 million TL Kolin-Cengiz-Limak-Mapa.

A contract was signed with Doğuş for Elmadağ viaducts.
As can be seen projects where the names of many airports in Turkey, roads, subways, YHT has undertaken projects often in the past companies.

Even if there are no recent earthquakes, disasters or epidemics, contractors who do not even have the fingers of the two hands invited to the 21 / b are preferring in highway and subway projects. Companies owing their existence to the AKP, the AKP's political life span, its consolidation to pre-presidential nationalism. Are the companies in question now prefer to stay in the background, or do journalist colleagues not be given company names?

Or the name of the company is not a benefit of commemorating the name of the text do not know, we do not know.

As we know it: the last three years to the extent that there are no accounts, excesses, the control of disregard spending.

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