Arslan: "We Invested 5 Billion Liras in Van as the Ministry"

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, "Especially our residents of Van, our guests and the world know how successful our struggle has achieved in terms of security. said.

Arslan, who came to the city for the meeting to be held with the "transportation" agenda of Van Güçbirliği Platform, was welcomed by the Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoğlu, AK Party Van Deputies Beşir Atalay, Burhan Kayatürk and the relevant people at Van Ferit Melen Airport.

Minister Arslan, in his speech at a meeting held at a hotel in the city, said that the expert Corporal Rıdvan Çevik, who was martyred 8 days ago in the operation in Afrin, came to Van for the funeral, and that his father's steadfastness, stance and what he said in this struggle of the country were terrorist He said that he demonstrated how right he was in his struggle.

Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe, but if they give the right of this bridge, the country will remain so as long as they make the so-called Land of describing part of an international corridor, he continued:

“There are about 3 billion people that our country can reach within 4-1,5 hours of flight distance. This is an important advantage for business people. The gross domestic product that it created in the geography of these 1,5 billion people is about 36 trillion dollars. We can reach this region in three hours. There is a trade volume of billions of dollars from this product and a transportation cake of 75 billion dollars. ”

"We have connected 76 provinces"

Arslan, added value from transportation to the country kazanHe said they wanted to go. Stating that they are considering big projects for this, Arslan said:

“We care about Van's access to Iran, Istanbul's, Edirne's, Kirklareli's access to Europe, traveling overseas, and accessing other neighboring countries from the north. It is not right to reach across the border, it is important to connect it with the right transportation corridors within the country. This is what we do. Today we're talking about 26 thousand kilometers of divided road is to ensure the international transport corridors that pass over Turkey. As of today, we have tied 76 provinces together, and in two years we will have removed it with 81. ”

Highways corridors of the importance of complementing each other but in Turkey covered with the sea on 3 sides with them to sea ports, harbors the railway network with Armstrong pointing to the importance of linking, transportation land, to integrate the iron and sea routes with each other, to increase the people's travel comfort, providing savings in terms of time and He noted that due to this, it is important to grow the economy of the country.

Arslan stated that the airline transportation is also very important in order to reach the people in a short time, and that now there is a university in each province, and that the faculty members can go on a daily basis and that there is no such situation in the past. Arslan, the city's divided roads, iron, connecting with the sea ports to make it easily accessible by students to attract attention by drawing attention to the development of universities in the region is directly related to transportation and access expressed.

"As the Ministry, we invested 5 billion lira in Van"

Explaining that Van has an important advantage with its lake, at the same time, it is an important junction, transportation corridor center in the region in order to be able to go to Nakhichevan and Russia via Van, in the region, its proximity to Iran, its proximity to Iraq and Syria. he said:

“As we are aware of this, we have done very important works in the field of transportation in Van in 15 years. The amount of investment we made in Van in 15 years as the Ministry alone is 5 billion 181 million TL. 15 years ago, we were standing hand in hand at the IMF gates to borrow 100 million dollars. Since then, we have invested 2,5 billion dollars only in Van as the Ministry, if the exchange rate of that period is converted into dollars. We invested so much money, what happened. The number of divided roads in Van is 36 kilometers and 511 kilometers, which we added to our top. There was no hot asphalt in a city like Van, today we have 153 kilometers of hot asphalt roads in Van. This is an important indicator to show how much we care about Van. There are 16 active projects. The monetary cost of these is 2 billion 271 million. Approximately 1,5 billion of this has been spent. "

Arslan stated that they started the "Habur Project" which will descend to the south through Van, this includes going south through the districts of Gevaş and Bahçesaray, and that it includes 7 tunnels, one of which is 910 thousand 2 meters in length, and made the following assessment:

“This country was able to construct the Bolu Tunnel, which is 3 thousand 250 meters long, in 15 years. They would give up on it, as the AK Party, we finished it. Today we can build 8-10 kilometers of tunnels. Ovit Tunnel is 14 meters. Zigana 200 thousand 14 meters. The Cankurtaran Tunnel also concerns Van. Van is an important region connecting the Black Sea with Iran, Iraq and Syria as the 500th corridor on the north-south axis. We are building 18 thousand 7 meters of tunnel to Van. Project work has started in Tendürek Tunnel, two tubes will be 900 meters. "

Arslan stated that the "Van Beltway Project" is also very important for the city, that they have prepared this project long ago and started working, and asked the municipalities to do what is necessary by putting their hands under the responsibility in practice and saying "I will serve the citizen". Reminding that the mayor, whom Van formerly assumed responsibility, did not help them on this issue because it was not serving the citizens, Arslan said that the project was waiting for them, and said that the decision of the Council of Ministers was issued so that the people of Van did not wait any longer and that the works are currently continuing.

Emphasizing that Kapıköy Border Gate is important, however, the road standard on the side of Hoy city of Iran is very low, Minister Arslan said:

"In Turkey we're at a very good side. We met with our Iranian interlocutors several times. We said 'If necessary, let's do the Iranian side' but they said 'No'. They said they did not like the way to Turkey. Their intervention in this in a short time is important for the trade of both countries. We have increased the capacity of 50 wagons with the two train ferries we built. In addition, it can carry 350 passengers. The cost of only two members is 323 million lira. Thus, while we are carrying 15 wagons per year, we will now be able to carry 840 wagons. It is also important in terms of rail transport. In our negotiations with Iran, our negotiations continue for the resumption of passenger transportation. Security reasons have always been mentioned. Both the residents of Van and our guests all around the world know how successful our struggle in terms of security has achieved in recent years. A president said, "Don't tire us. I wish Van residents didn't tire us, if Van didn't choose the wrong mayor and bring the business to these points, but our problem is to finish the ring road in a short time and serve the people without tiring the people of Van. "

At the meeting, İsmail Kartal, General Manager of Highways, gave information about the investments made in the city and stated that the entire 375-kilometer road around Lake Van was completed as a divided road, 50 percent of it was completed as BSK asphalt, and that the entire surrounding of Lake Van will be completed as BSK asphalt by the end of 2019.

AK Party Van deputy Burhan Kayaturk, the General Director of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, bureaucrats, Van Rector Prof. YYÜ. Dr. Peyami Battal, deputy governors, district governors and mayors, members of the Board of Trustees of the Union of Trustees, AK Party Van Provincial Chairman Kayhan Turkmenoglu, representatives of non-governmental organizations also attended.

Minister Arslan, the AK Party after the meeting was the provincial chairman.

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